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Apple iPhone Users Make Fun of Auto-Correct Feature: Read This Funny Thread

Apple does allow users to disable auto-correct. (Image: News18)

It is unclear when iPhones started exhibiting problems with auto-correct at such a big scale, but we hope Apple improves this soon.

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If you’ve used an iPhone, the chances are that you may have faced errors with the auto-correct feature on the native keyboard at some point (or daily). Although you can disable auto-correct by heading to the Keyboard option under Settings, disabling the feature altogether will likely cause a bigger headache. It is clear that the auto-correct keyboard feature is still useful, but users need some magic from Apple’s end that the typing experience improves compared to the Android counterpart. Till that happens, some Redditors have created a long thread, discussing (read: bantering) their experience with the auto-correct feature on iPhones.

It starts with a user who writes, “I have an iPhone 10. I used to have pretty good precision when I would type so I wouldn’t really need to use autocorrect. But within the past 10ish months my precision when typing has gone to crap.” To this single post, there are 983 comments, where others have shared their experiences. A user ‘whyT’ replies, “I was typing “it’s all good” the other day, and my phone kept changing it [good] to food.” Another claimed that “love is now corrected to ‘live’ like 80 percent of the time.” Honestly, I can vouch for that too.

A user named ‘CactusBoyScout’ even claimed that the iPhone’s auto-correct always wants to change “its” to “it’s” even though they are both very common and have different uses. Several users on Reddit pointed out that the most common error they face is the auto-correction of “well” to “we’ll” or vice versa. Another common error iPhone users face as per users’ posts is changing of “and” to “abs.” A user ‘sleepymoose88’ explains, “It’s not like I’m typing abs so much that it’s intelligently thinking that’s a more likely correction. I never type abs intentionally because I’m not a personal trainer.” It is unclear when iPhones started exhibiting problems with auto-correct at such a big scale, but we hope Apple improves this soon.

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