Void Bastards Revealed At X018, A New BioShock-Style Strategy Shooter


At the recent X018 event, Microsoft revealed a new IP inspired by old-school sci-fi and several games from the immersive-sim sub-genre. Coming from developers behind System Shock and BioShock, Void Bastards puts you in the role of one of many prisoners aboard the Void Ark, which finds itself adrift in a hostile interstellar zone known as the Sargasso Nebula. Referred to as a strategy-shooter, Void Bastards blends together traditional shooter gameplay with roguelike mechanics, where the death of one character will be the start of another person’s journey.

Published by Humble Bundle and set for release on PC and Xbox One, Void Bastards focuses on the exploration of the Sargasso Nebula, and surviving the dangers that outer space possess. After choosing your character, you’ll chart out your course in the hostile nebula, exploring many derelict space stations and alien worlds. Over the course of your character’s journey, you’ll acquiring new weapons and abilities, which will help you survive the many threats you’ll encounter in space.

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With a strong roguelike influence, Void Bastards also places focus on having players decide where they should go next. While one location in the nebula could have minimal risk and high rewards, one remote space station could lead to certain doom for your character, costing you precious resources and the life of your chosen character.

It was also revealed that Void Bastards would be available on Xbox One Game Pass at launch. During the XO18 livestream, Microsoft revealed 16 games coming to their Game Pass program, which includes Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice and PUBG. For more info on the X018 reveals, in addition to Crackdown 3‘s release date, be sure to check out our continuing coverage of the game.

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