Here’s why she renounced her family


Former Madhya Pradesh CM Uma Bharti took to Twitter to announce that now she would be known as ‘Didi Maa’. She has been freed from all the bonds of family and relatives as orders of the Jain saint Acharya Vidyasagar Maharaj. 

Bharti tweeted, “I free my family members from all bondage and I myself will be free on the 17th. My world and family have become much wider. Now I am the sister mother of the whole world community, I do not have any personal family. I had also decided that on the 30th year of my Sanyas initiation, I would start obeying his orders. He gave me this order on March 17, 2022, in Rahali, District Sagar by publicly announcing it in front of all the sages.” According to Uma Bharati, she is renouncing all her personal relationships. She has given this information in 17 tweets one after the other.



In the late evening of Dev Prabodhini Ekadashi, Uma Bharti posted a total of 17 tweets saying that 30 years of her sanyas initiation are being completed. She will be freed from all ties and bonds on November 17. Uma Bharti is currently running the liquor ban movement in the state.

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In the 15th tweet, she wrote that she is freeing herself from all ties to her family and will herself be freed from all ties on 17 November 2022. After that, she would only be called ‘Didi Maa’ by all the community. She will have no personal family.

Uma Bharti informed through a tweet and said that, “Incidentally, Jain Muni Acharya Shri Vidyasagar Ji Maharaj is also from Karnataka, now he is the Guru for me. He has ordered me to renounce all personal relations and addresses, I should only be called Didi Maa and accept all the citizens of India to make my Bharati name meaningful. The whole world community should be my family.”

Nilesh Desai
Nilesh Desai
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