What to do for Mangal dosha


Mangal Dosha is likely one of the scariest and talked about Doshas in a horoscope, and females undergo probably the most due to this

Because it’s propagated like that, and I even blame fellow astrologers for this. Then probably the most related query is: what’s Mangal Dosha: what to do if an individual has Mangal Dosha?

What is Mangal Dosha.

You search about Manglik dosha, and you discover individuals saying:

  • Mangal in six homes give Mangal Dosha i.e. the presence of Mars within the 1st, 2nd, 4th, seventh, eighth and twelfth home makes an individual Manglik.
  • It means 50% of the individuals are Manglik and 50% of the individuals are not Manglik.
  • Another notion is {that a} Manglik shouldn’t marry a non-Manglik.
  • So, who ought to marry whom?

But if you recognize precise information about Mangal Dosha and what to do, even if you’re Manglik, the issue of 75% of individuals will likely be resolved. Most of the time, such misconceptions about Mangal dosha make you miss the perfect life accomplice for you.

There is little doubt that the Mangal dosha may cause points associated to marriage issues, however how to test, if you’re actually Manglik. There are calculators/ different free instruments accessible to test Mangal dosha, but when somebody checks such a crucial level with slightly care, 75% of individuals will likely be relieved. One has to test the precise placement of Mars in horoscope to find out about Mangal Dosha. It is just not the home that makes an individual Manglik however the placement of Mars is by which signal, it’s exalted or debilitated and another elements.

Forget the theoretical narration what Mangal Dosha is, what to do for Manglik Dosha and cures for Manglik Dosha. Just learn a number of sensible narrations under to determine if you’re Manglik (actually) and what to do if you’re Manglik.

Another related assertion right here is that even if you’re Manglik, it’s due to your previous life Karmas. If almighty has given you this blemish, he has additionally despatched somebody to counterbalance/cancel its results in your charts; the one factor is that you just want to observe the precise strategies to establish that soulmate. Otherwise, based mostly on the orthodox strategies to paste the blot of Mangal Dosha might make you miss your greatest life accomplice.

Read the gist of some sensible evaluation on Manglik Dosha under. You will realise that due to such misconceptions, you’re both rejecting or getting rejected by somebody who may very well be your greatest life accomplice.

Are you actually Manglik:

The examples under are only a look into over 10000 horoscopes I’d have studied to test (solely) if the individual has Mangal dosha and what to do for Mangal Dosha?

Person 1 – DOB: 13 Jun 1999, TOB: 15:13 pm, POB: Kolkai, Tamil Nadu. Mars is positioned within the First House in Leo signal. Mars positioned within the Libra signal, the signal of Venus neutralizes the significance of Mars therefore the individual is NOT MANGALIK. 

Person 2 – DOB 12 Mar 2000, TOB; 18:13 pm, POB: Kottayam, Kerala India. Mars is positioned within the eighth home, however Mars is positioned within the Pisces signal, the signal of Jupiter, which doesn’t lead to Manglik Dosha So, the individual is NOT MANGLIK.

Person 3 – DOB 22 May, 1998, TOB: 18.00 pm, POB: Bengaluru, India. Mars is positioned within the eighth home however is positioned within the Taurus signal, the signal of Venus, and this place of Mars doesn’t lead to Manglik Dosha, so this individual can be NOT MANGLIK.

Typically all three natives would have been declared Manglik, however I advised them: wherever you publish your profile, say confidently that you’re not Manglik.   

Solution/cures for Manglik Dosha

The typical astrologers could first declare you a Manglik after which counsel completely different standard cures for Manglik Dosha. You can’t ridicule the decision of the almighty (if you’re actually a Manglik) by performing Pooja at a selected temple, performing Kumbh Vivah or donating blood, pulses, jaggery and so on. With due respect to all, I would like to say, the perfect and the one resolution for Mangal Dosha is to marry after matching charts. But, do the matching correctly and never simply log on utilizing mathematical instruments. There is a really excessive probability that you’ll not miss the perfect life accomplice due to misconceptions about Manglik Dosha. Now learn some instance to perceive, greatest cures/resolution for Mangal Dosha.

Example 1; Boy: 18.11.1999, 22.00 pm, Ambala, Haryana. Girl: 04.09.1999, 01.28 am, New Delhi

They each knew one another, households have been additionally okay for this alliance. But lady’s father was scared that the boy was Manglik from 7 home. I advised them that the boy is just not Manglik  despite the fact that Mangal is positioned within the seventh home however that is exalted. Usually, individuals are satisfied that Mangal within the seventh home makes an individual Manglik. Of course,I advised them there was a problem of Venus, however that was manageable by performing some easy issues, however solely after marriage. Remedies earlier than marriage make an alliance conditional, which ought to by no means be suggested, irrespective of how good the couple know one another.

Example 2: Boy: 17.12.1998, 07.40 am, Ichalkaranji, Kolhapur, Girl: 03.10.2000, 01.55 am, Pune,

Best mates for 4 years needed to marry. But right here boy’s father was adamant because the lady was Manglik. No doubt, she was Manglik with Mars in her 2nd home within the Leo signal, however the boy had Ketu sitting within the third home, which cancelled the lady’s Mangal Dosha. Boy’s father, after all, spoke to me at size, however lastly his doubt received cleared. I don’t know what number of {couples} will get such an opinion to marry the perfect life accomplice or will miss it due to misconceptions about Mangal Dosha.

Example 3: Boy: 23.02.1994, 02.22 am, Pune, Girl: 28.11.1995, 10.54 am, Pune

Both working professionals knew one another from faculty time , however many Pandit Ji advised that the lady is Manglik from the twelfth home. No doubt, she had Mars within the twelfth home, nevertheless it was in the home of Jupiter, so she is just not Manglik. Of course, there was mismatch within the Karakas for which I advised them a number of issues and so they have been prepared to abide by the identical. But a minimum of the menace of Manglik Dosha went away, and after that, it was their private determination whether or not to marry or not.

A correct matching of horoscopes made them marry the precise individual. However, this wants complete horoscope matching and never simply on-line mathematical outcomes. One can learn extra about it on how to match horoscope

For any doubt on Mangal dosha, you possibly can take an genuine report are you actually a Manglik. This may very well be an eye-opener.

The matter right here is nothing however readability if the individual is actually Manglik, what do you do in case you have Mangal Dosha? What is the perfect resolution for Mangal Dosha? For any particular question, join with my workplace at +91 9278555588/9278665588. Best Wishes

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