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Lunar Eclipse 2024 on Holi: The first lunar eclipse of 2024 will happen on March 25 as individuals throughout India mark Holi.

The first lunar eclipse of the yr 2024 will happen on the day of Holi March 25, 2024. Today, the penumbral eclipse will start at 10:23 a.m. and be seen to everybody in North and South America. According to Space.com, the eclipse will proceed for 4 hours and 39 minutes — ending at 3:02 pm. However, People in India will not have the option to view the phenomenon. 

When the Earth passes between the Sun and the Moon however the three celestial our bodies don’t make a wonderfully lined straight line, this is called a penumbral lunar eclipse. Rather, the Moon strikes by means of the penumbra or outer area of the Earth’s shadow.

“As the complete moon rises throughout the late night of March 24 into the early morning hours of March 25, it will journey by means of the Earth’s penumbra, or the faint outer a part of its shadow. This known as a penumbral eclipse,” explains an excerpt from a NASA weblog.

Following this occasion, NASA stories that the next lunar eclipse will be partial, occurring on September 18, 2024. It will be observable throughout America, Europe, and Africa.

The first Lunar Eclipse of 2024 will not be seen from India. As per timeanddate.com, this eclipse will be viewable in areas spanning throughout America, Europe, Australia, Africa, North and East Asia, the Pacific, the Atlantic, the Arctic, and Antarctica. Notable places the place it’s going to be seen embrace elements of Ireland, Belgium, Spain, England, South Norway, Italy, Portugal, Russia, Germany, Japan, Switzerland, Netherlands, and France.

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