What is saree cancer and why it happens? Know how to prevent it


Saree cancer accounts for 1 % of all cancers present in girls in India.

Saree, identification of Indian lady, is a wonderful garment of 5 and a half to six meters size and favored all around the world. But saree may cause cancer. Apart from this, different garments which, if worn incorrectly, may cause cancer. Saree cancer is discovered solely in India as a result of saree is worn by girls principally in India.

In many components of India, girls put on saree in all 12 months of the 12 months and seven days every week. To tie the saree, the cotton petticoat is tied tightly across the waist with cotton thread. According to Dr. Vivek Gupta, cancer surgeon of PSRI Hospital, Delhi, if a girl wears the identical garment for a very long time, it begins rubbing on her waist, the pores and skin there begins peeling and turning black. It is on this cycle of repeated peeling and restore that cancer can start.

Cleanliness is extra liable for saree cancer than gown. In areas the place there is excessive warmth and humidity, the danger of getting this cancer is larger. Its circumstances are nonetheless being reported from Bihar and Jharkhand. Saree cancer accounts for 1 % of all cancers present in girls in India. In medical language, it is known as Squamous Cell Carcinoma (SCC).

Research on this has additionally been performed at RN Cooper Hospital in Mumbai. Dhoti was additionally included on this analysis. The identify saree cancer was given by the docs of Bombay Hospital, the place a 68-year-old lady was discovered to have saree cancer. The lady was carrying saree since she was 13 years outdated.

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What is Kangri cancer?

Similarly, Kangri cancer is present in Kashmir. This is additionally pores and skin cancer. This cancer is reported solely from Kashmir. During extraordinarily chilly days, individuals there sit with hearth in an earthen pot like a hearth inside their garments, in order that they get heat, however this steady warmth acquired by there abdomen and thighs can grow to be the reason for cancer.

Similarly, very tight match denims have been thought of liable for cancer in males. In reality, if very tight garments are worn for hours then they hurt the physique. The circulate of oxygen in that space might get disturbed. According to analysis, denims improve the temperature within the decrease stomach in males, which might scale back sperm rely and additionally lead to testicular cancer (ovarian cancer). However, concrete outcomes of this analysis are but to come.

  • Now the query is, how tight must be thought of very tight?
  • If there are marks on the pores and skin
  • The pores and skin is turning pink due to tightness
  • When you’ve gotten hassle respiration
  • Rubbed pores and skin

If somebody is constantly carrying tight garments, then he/she wants to watch out. If innerwear like bra and underwear are very tight then undoubtedly concentrate. Such a threat must be taken as soon as a month solely within the identify of trend. Tight garments worn for fitness center can even trigger issues, however as a result of these garments are worn for a restricted time, they trigger much less issues.

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