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Dr. Avtar Singh gives a solid piece of advice for today’s youth

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Dr. Avtar Singh gives a solid piece of advice for today’s youth

Youths these days are fickle-minded. You too will agree with us, won’t you? For them, anything can be ‘cool’, and the next minute, it will be ‘ridiculous’. Undoubtedly, they are creative and have huge potential, but they are impulsive too. These young minds need some motivation, and who could be better than Dr. Avtar Singh? For years, he has been guiding the youth, pushing them to walk down the right path.

When asked to share his valuable advice with youngsters, Dr. Avtar Singh covered topics that are of utmost importance. He believes that social media has created a huge impact on everyone’s lives, especially teenagers. And the fact that a cosmic number of teenagers are getting attracted to its features and following even unnecessary trends is proof.

Dr. Avtar Singh says, “Youth have unmatched potential and an abundance of creativity. They can achieve even the biggest goals, but one should take steps to bring out that imaginativeness. A little dedication is all you need.” We are sure these words of Dr. Avtar Singh might inspire youth to use social media channels effectively.

Besides this, he also urges young people to follow their passion. He says, “A magnanimous soul who turns a blind eye to his or her passion is like a man trapped in a prison. Allow your passion to influence you, and you will walk on the right path.”

Dr. Avtar Singh has always extended his helping hand to people who wanted to follow their passion. Recently, he treated Ablu Rajesh Kumar and provided him with prosthetic legs so that he could create an International Book Record for ‘Longest Distance Covered By Doing Cycling With Prosthetic Legs Holding Indian Flag.’

Furthermore, a multitude of teenagers also gets faded into the world of drugs. Understanding this, Dr. Avtar Singh is successfully overseeing drives that motivate these youngsters to play sports and avoid drugs. We are sure this piece of advice will be of equal importance to the youth of today.

Dr. Avtar Singh is a chief orthopedic surgeon at Amritsar’s famous Amandeep Hospital and has treated more than a lakh patients. Recently, he was garnering applause for completing 2000 robotic knee replacements. We hope that Dr. Avtar Singh keeps inspiring us!






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