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3-year-old dies mysteriously after playing on slide in Ghatkopar mall kids’ area

In a tragic and unexplained event, a three-year-old girl died after playing on a slide in the kids’ area of a mall in Mumbai. The incident occurred in a popular mall in the Ghatkopar area in Maharashtra, and the death of the child still remains a mystery.

The death of the child is considered mysterious as she had no visible injuries after she got off the slide in the kids’ area of the mall. According to reports, the girl just got off the slide, complained of dizziness, and collapsed a few minutes after.

Since the girl had no visible or internal injuries from the slide, a post-mortem test is being conducted to determine the exact cause of her death. No foul play has been suspected in her death as of now, but her blood has been sent for further testing.

On the afternoon of October 30, a girl named Dalish had gone to play on a wavy slide in the Ghatkopar mall. Once she came down from the slide, she felt giddy and went to her parents. By the time her mother took her outside, she had collapsed.

After being rushed to the hospital, Dalish was declared dead by the doctors. Since the parents did not file any complaint against anyone in the case, the police ended up filing an accidental death report after the young girl died.

No external or internal injuries have been suspected till now, but the doctors are assuming that the child might have hit her head on the slide and suffered a brain injury.

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