Mobile internet is faster than Wi-Fi in 33 countries: report


Photo: AFP

Wi-Fi no longer has a guaranteed advantage over mobile network-provided internet in terms of the speed and experience it offers to smartphone users.

Smartphone users in 33 countries now experience faster average download speeds using a mobile phone network than using Wi-Fi, a new OpenSignal report found. The report found that mobile internet is no longer inferior to Wi-Fi. Years ago, Wi-Fi was faster than mobile internet almost all of the time and was much cheaper too but not anymore.

OpenSignal has conducted a study showing that mobile data is faster on average than Wi-Fi hotspots in 33 countries, including multiple African, European, Latin American and Middle Eastern nations.

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You’ll typically have an advantage of 10Mbps or more in places like Australia, Oman and the Czech Republic, while multi-megabit advantages are common in places like Austria, Iran and South Africa. “In most countries where smartphone users experienced faster download speeds on mobile networks, they also experienced faster upload speeds on mobile,” explains OpenSignal.

OpenSignal attributes the download speed improvement of mobile phone networks to the dawn of the modern smartphone, which has dramatically changed the world.

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