LG V40 update brings more camera improvements ahead of market release


LG’s newest flagship, the V40 hasn’t even been released on the market and it’s already getting an important update that’s supposed to further improve the camera’s performance. The V40 boasts a triple-camera on the back, featuring two 12-megapixel and one 16-megapixel sensors.In our full LG V40 review, Corey said that the “image quality on the V40’s 12 MP main sensor is very good, holding its own well against top performers on the market,” so the new changes are probably meant to fine-tune some of the already good camera functions. The update weighs in at 390MB and contains the following improvements:

  • Improvement of Camera HDR performance;
  • Improvement of Sharpness and Color at outdoor condition;
  • Improvement of AF improvement with triple shot;
  • Improvement of Black phenomenon of video recording.

If you plan to buy LG’s latest flagship next week when it’s likely to hit the shelves in many countries, don’t forget to check for an update to get all the benefits above. Source : https://www.phonearena.com/news/LG-V40-camera-update_id109872