Kiszla: Playoffs? Yes, Broncos talking playoffs after beating Pittsburgh in same way they won Super Bowl 50.


After an NFL game as trippy as a tryptophan-induced dream, when a fat guy stole the football to seal the Broncos’ victory after an undrafted rookie ran through the Steelers like they were made of cellophane, you knew somebody in the Denver locker room was bound to say it.

“Hey man, if I get another Super Bowl ring, I might have to hang the cleats up,” cornerback Chris Harris Jr. said, daring to dream big after Denver beat Pittsburgh 24-17.

He laughed, and quickly added: “Nah, I’m joking.”

Harris was kidding about the retirement part. But know what’s not funny? The Broncos, who were 3-6 and left for dead in the AFC standings a mere eight days ago, are now dead serious about making the playoffs.

How have they done it? Beats me, as well as stunned Steelers and confused Chargers.

“I actually did not do what I was supposed to do,” admitted Shelby Harris, a 290-pound defensive tackle who retreated into the end zone and picked off quarterback Ben Roethlisberger when the Steelers were two yards away from scoring a touchdown to tie the game in the final 67 seconds.

Within a span of 72 hours, Harris celebrated Thanksgiving, the birth of daughter Evelyn Rochelle and rescuing Denver teammates with backs against the goal line. This game ball is for you, Mr. Harris. How could life possibly be sweeter for a fat guy?

OK, try this on for a size XXXL dream: With five weeks remaining in the regular season, the Broncos are back on the yellow brick road to the playoffs, fighting for that last-wild card berth with Ravens and Colts and Titans (oh my!).

Is this real, Broncos Country? Or are we trippin’?

“It’s on to Cincinnati,” Denver linebacker Von Miller mumbled no fewer than six times as he conducted his post-game news conference. When Miller walked off the stage, he stuck out his tongue like a gleeful kid delighted with a childish prank.

Miller was busting on Bill Belichick, stealing a famous line from the notoriously grouchy New England coach. When the Vonster can openly mock Belichick, you know the Broncos must be having fun.