Jimbo Fisher after ULM win: Kellen Mond “understands the game”


Texas A&M head coach Jimbo Fisher discussed how his Aggies took care of business but once again gushed about the play of quarterback Kellen Mond as A&M beat Louisiana Monroe 48-10 tonight from Kyle Field.

Opening statement…

“I’m proud of our team. We went out and did the things we needed to do. We took care of business. ULM played really well. In the first half they gave us all kinds of problems. I thought they did a great job on offense and getting to the edge. We didn’t set any edges and missed some tackles. They had a couple deep balls. Luckily, we had the big field goal block. Special teams did a tremendous job. We caught all of the punts. We didn’t have any returns but with the way they punted it, we were catching it and getting good field position. We punted the ball well. I wasn’t happy with the defense. We can’t give up a drive right before halftime after we get momentum in the game and get it back to a two-score game. Give ULM credit. They made plays. In the second half our defense did a much better job. We tackled better, set edges and just played better. On offense, we stayed very efficient in the game. We ran the ball pretty well and threw the ball pretty well. We only had four possessions in the first half. It was kind of a funny game to call. We were having success. The thing that is disappointing is we had four touchdowns called back. We can’t do that against the people we’re getting ready to play. We can’t have those penalties. Right off the bat we had two or three penalties in the game. Any penalty is too many. We have to get that fixed. On defense, we have to tackle better, set edges and play the deep ball a little better. We had some runs pop out inside. Special teams was pretty good except for the one kick that we kicked out of bounds on the kickoff. Our coverage was good. Our punter is doing a great job. We took the next step forward and got a little better in some areas but we have to continue to grow.”

On Kellen Mond

“He’s getting us in and out of all of those plays. He understands the game. He’s learning the why’s of the game and having fun with it. He made plays with his feet and scrambled to keep things alive. He sat in the pocket and made decisions. We added some pressure a couple times. We were trying to get him to throw some deep balls. He’s doing a really nice job right now and playing really good football. He’s playing smart football and that’s what I’m most excited about. He’s making plays all down the field. He’s playing good, smart football.”

On quarterback pressure tonight…

“In the passing game we did a real good job. It was on the edges. Our edges are getting better. We have to be able to push the pocket and set the edges. I thought they did a nice job. The timing of the blitzes were really good. Our corner blitzes and our safety blitzes were good. All of those guys did a great job of turning things up.”

Source : https://247sports.com/college/texas-am/Article/Texas-AM-head-coach-Jimbo-Fisher–121959725/