Hundreds record video as man drowns, cops’ valiant rescue goes in vain


INDORE: In a disturbing episode on the first day of Navratri, hundreds of devotees watched and took videos of a man drowning in a temple lake in Khandwa, but none stepped forward to save him. A police inspector jumped into the lake and pulled him ashore, but it was too late by then.
Thanks to the gawkers, the officer’s brave but futile rescue act was caught on video.
The victim, 38-year-old Kamal, was from Ajanti, about 12km from Khandwa town and 120km from Indore. He and his brother had gone to Sant Singhaji temple for Navratri prayers. The duo headed for the ghat to have a ritual bath but Kamal slipped into deeper water and started drowning.
Mundi police station officer Antim Panwar, who was stationed in the area, heard of this and sprinted to the lake. Thousands of people were present on the spot, but no one went to rescue him, said the inspector.
Panwar took off his uniform and dived into the lake. He pulled Kamal ashore and police drove him to hospital but he died on the way. Video footage of the officer leaping into the water and swimming back with an unconscious Kamal has gone viral. The police officer was anguished when he heard Kamal couldn’t be saved.
Thousands visit Sant Singhaji temple on Amavasya every year but, locals said, there was no security or lifeguard near the lake to prevent accidents. Since there was no one to stop the youths from going into deep water, the man died, said Pratik Mujalda, an eyewitness.


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