Google’s Duplex AI starts rolling out to Pixel phones


November 25, 2018 • Online & Social, Top Stories

Google's Duplex AI starts rolling out to Pixel phonesGoogle's Duplex AI starts rolling out to Pixel phones

Google’s Duplex AI starts rolling out to Pixel phones

In May 2018, at the Google I/O developer conference Google announced the Google Duplex – a new technology feature behind, Google’s assistant.

Ever since, users have been anticipating the roll out of the Google Duplex-powered calls.

As Google already outlined over the past couple months, the Duplex AI is being created to take and make phone calls on behalf of its users. In May at the Google I/O developer conference, we saw a demo of the tech in action scheduling a hair appointment with a hairdresser and booking a table with a host, neither of whom appeared to realize that they were speaking with an inhuman machine.

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According to reports by VentureBeat, Google’s artificially intelligent chat agent that can arrange appointments over the phone — has expanded from a “set of trusted tester users” earlier this year to a “small group” of Google Pixel phone owners, who can now use Duplex via the Google Assistant to secure restaurant reservations in “select cities.”

However, the only reservations Duplex can make for now are those for restaurants and that conditioning the tech with information about what you want may take longer than making the phone call yourself.

Since our smartphones can’t read our minds yet, Duplex has to ask a long series of questions about the reservation like what time, how many people will be there, how far from the decided time is still acceptable, etc., to make an acceptable booking. In the end, you may as well have just booked the restaurant yourself.

This is how it works

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