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Is Canada using Indian students as ‘cheap labour’? Locals battle unemployment, Indians allege ‘exploitation’

Canada is one of the prime spots for Indian students after they complete their schooling. The Indian community in Canada remains growing due to the hoards of students migrating every year to pursue their higher education.

Now, Indian students have expressed their distress about working part-time jobs in Canada, alleging that they are exploiting the Indian workforce by using them as cheap labour for a couple of years, then laying them off, forcing them to survive on their savings.

While the economy remained to recover from the Covid pandemic, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau allowed 50,000 foreign students to stay in the country for 18 months to seek jobs after they graduate from their universities.

The government made this provision to fill urgent vacancies in key sectors, and also allow Indian students to gain proper experience and a permanent residency in Canada. Now, as the 18 months come to an end, many Indian permanent residents remain unemployed and out of money.

According to a Bloomberg report, the Canadian locals remain struggling with unemployment while Indian students are being hired at entry-level jobs, only to remain unemployed a few months later.

Daniel D’Souza, an accountant and former student at Seneca College near Toronto, told Bloomberg, “I regret choosing Canada as a country to immigrate to, to study and to live in. Canada should appreciate foreign students more, not just use them as a form of cheap labor.”

Another Indian migrant in Canada, Anshdeep Bidra, said, “When they needed us, they exploited us. But when we need their help or support, nobody shows up.” He further added, “We pay fees and taxes and aren’t getting anything in return. You don’t recognize that we’re the people who helped you solve the labor shortage.”

The foreign graduates were hoping the permit extension would give them more time to gain Canadian work experience and boost their scores under the country’s immigration ranking system for skilled workers, as per the report.

(With inputs from agencies)

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