Another ‘deadly pandemic’ to hit India quickly? WHO warns of virus extra harmful than Covid


The Covid pandemic lasted on the earth for over two years and claimed lakhs of lives. Just because the severity and the unfold of the pandemic have weakened, the World Health Organisation has warned of the same risk, which may trigger one other pandemic.

While talking on the annual well being meeting in Geneva, World Health Organization chief Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus talked about how the world must be ready for one more Covid-19 like pandemic which could be attributable to a extra harmful virus.

As the Covid-19 pandemic has been dominated out of the well being emergency class, the WHO chief stated that the concern of any impending pandemic is way from over, since one other new deadlier virus can emerge, inflicting destruction on a better scale.

Dr Tedros stated that the world have to be ready for a virus “even deadlier than Covid-19”, which has until now claimed over 2 crore lives the world over. The WHO stated that this new virus may cause a pandemic that can trigger turmoil on a bigger scale the world over.

As quoted by media experiences, the WHO chief stated, “The risk of one other variant rising that causes new surges of illness and loss of life stays, and the specter of one other pathogen rising with even deadlier potential stays.”

While talking in regards to the coronavirus, Dr Tedros stated that the world was severely underprepared for the Covid pandemic and the extent of destruction it brought about. He additional urged all of the nations to make adjustments that would stop a pandemic of this scale.

“Over the past three years, Covid-19 has turned our world upside down. Almost seven million deaths have been reported, but we know the toll is several times higher – at least 20 million,” the WHO chief stated, as per The Mirror.

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Nilesh Desai
Nilesh Desai
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