‘Fallout 76’: How the Nukes Affect the Game, And How to Avoid Them


We learned a lot about the upcoming online title from Bethesda, Fallout 76, earlier this month when we got to hang out with the devs for a Fallout-inspired celebration, and many of our burning questions have finally been answered. We spoke earlier this year about how Bethesda put a stop to potential griefers, but we also learned about the Nukes and how they aren’t necessarily the end-all-be-all that many players may be imagining.

When Bethesda first revealed the ability to nuke other players in the world of Fallout 76, many that were already hesitant about the new online direction were worried that this feature would absolutely destroy the ability to enjoy the game. Luckily, it’s not as definitive as we may have thought.

First and foremost, Nukes actually bring a lot of good to the game. For those that want the best of the best when it comes to gear, a Nuke going off could be your best friend in terms of survival. Ironic, we know.

Bethesda told us that there is a bright side (other than the obvious, literal, bright side) to a Nuke going off, saying “Some of the best gear in the game comes out of a Nuke going off. High-end loot, amazing schematics, it’s definitely good for those loot chasers.”

Another interesting thing about this feature is something that may seem obvious, but could have easily been overlooked. Nukes will change an area over time; the fauna will change, monsters will change, and more irradiation will occur.

That being said, don’t expect an easy-to-follow progression. Bethesda didn’t want newcomers coming into the game months/years after launch to a Wasteland of dire proportions. Fallout 76 is actually beautiful and so for everyone to be able to experience this beauty, the affected change will be where the nukes go off – not the entire map.

Players can also fast-travel away from a nuke, which is something I had to do with my hands-on time with the title alongside my team. Luckily, you can always fast-travel – for free – to your C.A.M.P as well as the vault itself or any of your team. To evade a nuke is actually pretty easy as long as you aren’t already in combat, and you get a nice 3 minute heads up before it drops.

Nukes aren’t just lying around, players must first unlock the codes in order to gain this feature. The only way to do that is by completing the main questline. After the feature itself is unlocked, players can find nuke codes hidden around the map, but they will be difficult to find, and not as accessible as people fear.

The main questline revolves around The Overseer, and it’s a long one. Since the map is so large, it would make sense that the narrative would be too but it’s not just a sense of achievement and the highest rank that players will unlock; they can also, eventually, look forward to launching their first nuke.

The ending, though specifics haven’t been revealed for obvious reasons, has to do with the player launching their first nuke — that’s how you get the codes to this powerful weapon, by playing the game. Because of that, not only is there even more incentive to go for that completion but it also makes it easier to avoid these bad boys, especially paired up against slower progressing players.

After spending hours and hours perfecting that home base in painstaking detail, the last thing players want to do is lose all of that hard work due to a nuke. Bethesda understand this and added a unique blueprint feature.

Players will have the option to make a complete blueprint of their house and various camps so that if they do fall victim to a (hard to get) nuke, it’s not difficult to rebuild. That, or if you notice enemy players honing in – you can actually take that blueprint and move your entire base of operations to a new location. It’s not about “hey, let’s blow some stuff up,” Bethesda was very careful to make sure that this in-game feature wouldn’t become a griefing gold mine. They know that their fans love the story aspect of Fallout and they are making sure to protect that promise of a stunning open-world adventure.


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