Everything Nintendo revealed for the Switch, 3DS in its latest Direct


During Friday’s Nintendo Direct, the company announced a flurry of titles for Switch and 3DS including some big names such as Final Fantasy, a new Super Mario Bros U, Civilization VI, Catan Universe and a new Animal Crossing

You can check out trailers and details for all these new titles mentioned during the stream below.

During the stream, Nintendo also outlined details about its long-awaited online service. There will also be some new retro-themed NES controllers for Switch so you can play classic NES titles the way people did back in the day.

Final Fantasy games got a big showing with a grand total of eight games coming to the Switch (including Final Fantasy 7):

We also saw that Isabelle from the Animal Crossing series is joining the huge roster of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate:

A new mainline game from the Animal Crossing series is coming in 2019:

Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe will be a welcome addition for fans of the franchise:

With a series of surprise announcements, the Switch suddenly became a digital board game machine:

For that classic arcade stand-up fighting feeling, the Capcom Beat ’em up Bundle brings back a bunch of brawling classics:

Mario Tennis Aces got an update with some new players with unique abilities:

Katamari Damacy is back and ready to roll on the Switch:

Splatoon 2’s latest update, Ver. 4, promises to revamp the game’s Splatfests:

The greyscale, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate-themed Switch bundle is confirmed for a US release on November 2.

The Luigi’s Mansion series is making a comeback on the Switch in 2019, along with a fresh Yoshi game:

Nintendo also revealed a series of updates for its 3DS lineup, because even in the Switch’s shadow, 3DS support remains:

And Nintendo revealed more details on the Switch port of the cult-classic DS title The World Ends With You:

And to watch the Direct in full, click below:

Source : https://www.cnet.com/news/everything-nintendo-revealed-for-the-switch-3ds-in-its-latest-direct/