‘Women are not encouraged to embrace sexual need’


Divya Agarwal mentioned a lady in our society typically hesitates in ‘expressing to her husband that one thing between them is lacking’

Actress, mannequin, host, and Bigg Boss OTT season1 winner Divya Agarwal, who will now be seen internet hosting the OTT present Okay.I.N.Okay (Kiss Ishq N Konnections), mentioned ‘women are not encouraged to embrace their sexual desire’ in our society. 

In her current interview with Free Press Journal, whereas speaking about her journey, Divya mentioned, “The journey has been amazing and a roller-coaster ride. Having dodged a few reality shows, participated and won in some and now coming in K.I.N.K, I feel a deep, different sense of responsibility.” She added, “of course, I was as immature and naive as a teenage girl is supposed to be. But, I believe it’s my originality that keeps me going. I’m never scared of saying things as it is. I’m not afraid of differentiating between black, grey, and white. I’ve always been very authentic in my ways.” 

On being requested how her opinion makes her stand, she mentioned, “I find it amusing that every time someone believes that they’ve figured me out, they’re taken aback when I act differently (laughs). So, I’m glad that my fiance (Apurva Padgaonkar) has learnt the trick and he now knows and understands me better.”

While speaking about compatibility ranges between {couples}, Divya mentioned, “The trouble with our society is that women are not encouraged to embrace their sexual desire. Our society does not engage in conversations and there is often a lot of hesitation attached to this topic. A woman often hesitates in expressing to her husband that something between them is missing and that they must seek help. But, many don’t realise that for a relationship to work, it takes a lot of effort. Intimacy, compatibility and touch are very important because these are the only factors that count. If you have chosen to spend the rest of your life with somebody, it is important to have these conversations. I’m glad the show attempts to bridge the communication gap that often arises in such situations. It is important for both partners to express how they feel.”

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