Desmond Howard picks Boston College to upset Clemson


With the reward of a huge pop from cold Boston College fans, Desmond Howard went against the grain when it comes to tonight’s game between the Eagles and No. 2 Clemson. Clemson, undefeated and potentially the best team to compete with Alabama come playoff time, is a big favorite at Boston College tonight.

Howard, however, sees Mother Nature as a serious equalizer against a true freshman quarterback from a warmer climate.

“I’ve played in some very cold places before,” said the former Michigan Heisman Trophy winner. “I know this affects a team from a warm-weather area. I think that, because of the talent that Clemson has, these guys are going to come out here and play out of control, right? But when they come as the weather starts to smack them in the face, it’s a difference maker. Boston College will upset Clemson.”

Celebrity guest host, actor Chris O’Donnell, also sided with his Eagles over Clemson.

“We may not have beaten a top-five team at home, but we sure beat Notre Dame in 93 and I stormed the field. I plan on storming the field tonight when we beat Clemson,” said the former Dick Grayson.

Kirk Herbstreit, on the call of tonight’s game, did not make a pick. Lee Corso stuck with heavy-favorite Clemson to thunderous boos from the Boston College fans on campus.

Of course, Clemson is still an 18-point favorite tonight. The Tigers average more than 50 points per game since the permanent move to quarterback Trevor Lawrence.

“If Clemson wins this game like 35-3 or 45-10 or something like that, then it’s time for us to really start saying they are on the same level as Alabama,” said 247Sports director of scouting Barton Simmons. “It’s not a question. It’s a fact. I think Boston College is really good. They’re really talented. They have NFL guys on both sides of the ball. This game is going to be played in the low 30s, at night, Chestnut Hill. All that said, I think Clemson wins. This is the toughest test all season for them. If they win, if they blow it out, we’ve got a real juggernaut matchup coming in the playoffs.”

Clemson remains second in the rankings behind unanimous No. 1 Alabama.

“These are the two best teams in this division at this point,” coach Dabo Swinney said. “And we get the opportunity to lock up Saturday night in Boston and kind of settle it on the field. So it’s the way it ought to be. Championship week for us. We have a chance to clinch the division. You work all year to get to this point. And now you’re four quarters away from achieving one of our main goals each and every year.  Boston College is a really tough, hard-nosed, very well coached football team that I think has had heck of a year. Especially up there for them, this will be a major challenge for us. 

“This is what championship football is all about. You know, you turn on the tape and go that’s why they are where they are. They’re a really good team. You turn on our tape and look at us and see that’s why we are where we are.” 

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