‘College GameDay’ had The Chainsmokers pick games, and it was the worst thing ever


During ESPN’s College GameDay from Ann Arbor for Wisconsin vs. Michigan, ESPN had The Chainsmokers as the guest pickers again. The Chainsmokers are an EDM-pop duo made up of Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart.

And instead of using football-related reasons for picking games on a college football show, their justifications were the stupidest things ever. Note: I have no idea which dude is which in the Chainsmokers, so I will refer to each bro as a singular Chainsmokers unit.

St. Johns over St. Thomas (Minnesota)

“We’re gonna go with St. Johns. I prefer Barbados usually.” Ah yes, the good ole picking a game over a tropical island you like to vacation to. LIKE WHAT.

Iowa over Indiana

“Yeah, we’re gonna go with Indiana also. They have a great bar called Dunkirk that we’ve spent many nights at, so Indiana let’s go.”

WVU over Iowa State

“There’s really no good reason why.” At least they are honest.

UCF over Memphis

“UCF as well, yeah, that’s a tight school.” Help.

Texas over Baylor

“Yeah Texas, we went with them because they’re a really big school, and we don’t want that many mad people at us.”

Miami over UVA

Herbie mentions Miami as a party town, and naturally, the Chainsmokers agree.

“It’s a smart move for our future.” OK!

Florida over Vandy

This was the most harrowing moment I’ve ever experienced while watching GameDay, and now I’m genuinely concerned for Florida’s chances against Vandy. He Gator chomped, please help me.

Florida gave up a touchdown to Vandy early too, so this is officially their fault. The fans behind them started booing too, which is hilarious to me.

Penn State over Michigan State

In the previous pick ND over Pitt, one of the dudes says he went to Syracuse, and Pitt won last week so he picked Notre Dame. He used this same reasoning for picking Penn State over MSU, too.

“I went to Syracuse, I can’t in good conscience root for Penn State.” Yeah, because everyone knows SYRACUSE-PENN STATE is the best rivalry in college football. Yes, I know these two teams played a lot from the 1920s through 1990, but like, that isn’t a rivalry, and it’s far past this Chainsmokers bro’s time.

Colorado over USC

“We’re going with Colorado. We wrote a song about Boulder.” I guess this makes sense.

Georgia over LSU

“We were up in Georgia last night, and we were at Magic City, and we got a few free drinks and we said we would say Georgia if we got the free drinks, so.” Magic City is a strip club in Atlanta, which I guess counts.

One of them then yelled to the crowd “you don’t even know about Magic City!” which was hilarious.

I really hope I never have to live through another Chainsmokers experience on GameDay, this was absolutely terrible to sit through.

Source : https://www.sbnation.com/college-football/2018/10/13/17972994/espn-college-gameday-chainsmokers-guest-pick-what-the-hell