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Verd Media CEO, Tamas Boruah, shares his success story

Source: |Updated: Nov 26, 2021, 10:12 AM IST

Digital Marketing is the primary and one of the most vital aspects of any business. With the boom of the Internet, it is inevitable not to use it for business. It is a tool that has the power to connect you to the global audience at a cheaper rate and contains minimal hassle. Individuals and Businesses around the globe recognize the need for Digital Marketing and hence, approach such agencies for help. Verd Media is one such Digital Marketing Agency that has been helping companies reach their target audience and create traction.

Tamas Boruah, the CEO and founder of a well-known Digital Marketing Agency in Bangalore called ‘Verd Media’, started his journey to success from the ashes of the old. Tamas, who hails from a small Assamese town, had desired to do something distinct from the rest of his peers since his teenage years to stand out from the crowd. His curiosity and will to be different pushed him to choose an unconventional career path and eventually succeed.

Tamas spent hours on the Internet, reading about avenues and related fields, yearning to broaden his horizons. In 2013, he began a micro-niche blog once he was familiar with Affiliate marketing. The short span he spent learning about Affiliate Marketing taught him its importance, and in 2018, he transitioned from an Affiliate Marketer to an expert Digital Marketer. Verd Media is getting momentum in and around Bangalore. They possess a team of professionals who take care of everything in the backend and deliver the best results for their clients. The agency attracts its clients with comprehensive, reliable and professional services. Their services include top-notch social media management, SEO, affiliate marketing, link building, and app development and so on. It is worth mentioning that each of their clients receives an optimized strategic solution for their problems.

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He says that the response he has been getting for his digital agency is overpowering as it is far above what he expected. He states that their hard work is the driving and leading factor of their success. He understands that Digital Marketing has gained the power to replace Traditional Marketing and is delivering the services that will be most in-demand in the future.

Tamas Bourah declares that you must have the drive to do anything and the desire to win. Your driving factor and aspiration will help you run without burning out.



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