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Byju’s ex-employee’s tearful video goes viral, says will take ‘extreme step’ if…

Akansha Khemka uploaded a video message during which she described her ordeal after she was abruptly laid off from Byju’s. 

An worker of Byju’s, who’s supposedly on the layoff listing, posted a sobbing video on social media, claiming that the ed-tech firm has been pressuring her to resign and has threatened to cease paying her after August 1 if she would not.

As the only real supplier for the household, Akansha Khemka, a lady from Kolkata, and a tutorial specialist with the troubled firm, claimed that if Byjus doesn’t repay all of her money owed, she will be pushed to commit suicide. She had been employed by the enterprise for roughly a yr and a half.

“I used to be abruptly advised in a gathering that I’ve to stop the corporate by July 28 or else I will not get my wage on August 1. I’m the one incomes member within the household, my husband is unwell, I’ve loans to repay, how will I survive if they do not launch my wage on the primary?” she mentioned. 

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She continued by saying that throughout the assembly the place her dismissal was revealed, her supervisor knowledgeable her that she was being fired as a consequence of her behaviour and efficiency. But later she was knowledgeable by HR that this was not the rationale for her termination when she sought them.

“The management wants people to resign on their own, and those doing so will receive their salaries on 1st (August). On the other hand, for people who do not resign voluntarily, and are sacked, the company may take 30 to 45 days to pay their salaries,” Khemka quoted the HR as saying.

“Byju’s had also promised variable pay, and I took loans for my family accordingly, but the company never paid up and now the vendors are after me. Where do I go? How will I eat?” Khemka mentioned within the video.

“I have not taken a single day’s leave in this company. I want my salary, I want my variable pay, I want to encash my paid leaves and I want my PF payments cleared,” she added. 

Byju Raveendran, the corporate’s CEO and co-founder, was singled out by Khemka, who mentioned that he could be held immediately accountable if she had been to take an “extreme step.”

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