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Bank holidays in December! Banks to remain closed for 16 days next month, check full list here

Bank Holidays in December: Private and government banks will remain closed for as many as 16 days in different parts of the country in December. If you have any important work related to the bank, it’s a good idea to know about these holidays in advance so that you can plan it accordingly.

RBI guidelines state that the public sector, private sector, foreign banks, cooperative banks, and regional banks across the country will stay shut on the specified dates. RBI announces holidays for lenders under these categories – the Negotiable Instruments Act, Holiday, Real Time Gross Settlement Holiday, and Banks’ Closing of Accounts.

Notably, several bank holidays are different for each state. However, there are some days when banks are shut across India. Apart from this, only the weekend leaves would be uniformly applicable to all banks across India on the same day.

Here is a full list of bank holidays in your city for December.

Bank holidays in December 2021

December 3 – Fest of St. Francis Xavier (Kanakadasa Jayanthi/Feast of St. Francis Xavier) (Banks closed in Panaji)

5 December – Sunday (weekly holiday)

11 December – Saturday (Second Saturday of the month)

12 December – Sunday (weekly holiday)

18 December – Death Anniversary of You So So Tham (Banks closed in Shillong)

19 December – Sunday (weekly holiday)

24 December – Christmas Festival (banks closed in Aizawl)

25 December – Christmas (banks closed at all places except Bengaluru and Bhubaneswar) Saturday, (fourth Saturday of the month)

26 December – Sunday (weekly holiday)

27 December – Christmas celebration (banks closed in Aizawl)

30 December – Yu Kiang Nongbah (banks closed in Shillong)

31 December – New Year’s Eve (Banks closed in Aizawl)

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