‘Battlefield V’ Update Will Improve Reviving Soon


Battlefield V has an update coming in the first week of December that will improve the game’s reviving mechanic along with other fixes.

EA DICE said a new update would be released on December 4th alongside the Tides of War: Chapter 1 Overture release, a chapter that’s set to receive new details soon. Previewing some of what’s to come in that update, Battlefield V’s core gameplay designer Florian Le Bihan took to Twitter to give some insight into what EA DICE is looking to improve. The changes coming to the reviving mechanic include “a bunch of bug fixes” which should result in a better experience for players either reviving others or being revived.

Player mobility is also being targeted in the next update with the feature that lets players vault over obstacles receiving some improvements, too. The Battlefield V developer said jumping should be smoother after the December 4th update is released, and vault detection when trying to get over certain obstacles will also be improved.


“Soldier traversal also received a few improvements that include some more vault detection tuning with more specific assets (rocks for example),” the designer said. “Note that we’re still working on some more improvements in that area!”

Battlefield V producer Jaqub Ajmal spoke about the new update while responding to community feedback and explained why an update didn’t launch alongside the release of the Standard edition of the game. Ajmal said the need to measure risks of adding more to updates and the process required to create and validate updates meant there was a chance an update would’ve had to have been delayed anyway if they said it’d release alongside the Standard edition of the game, so the new update is being targeted for December 4th instead.

Source : https://comicbook.com/gaming/2018/11/25/battlefield-v-update-improve-reviving/