10 biggest threats on the New York Giants to the Dallas Cowboys


The Dallas Cowboys and New York Giants are only one game into their 2018 seasons, and yet both are already in desperation mode. The Cowboys were manhandled by the Carolina Panthers in their season-opening game, while the Giants lost a close matchup against the Jacksonville Jaguars, so by definition, one of them is going to be winless after the two face off on Sunday Night Football. In a division that includes the Super Bowl champion Philadelphia Eagles and a Washington Redskins team that turned in a dominant Week 1 performance, giving up that kind of ground is extremely dangerous this early on. It will probably take 10 wins to make the playoffs. Getting those wins in 14 games is a very tall task with the AFC South and NFC South on the schedule.

That makes this matchup a must-win game for both sides despite the calendar still saying September. One of these teams is about to fall out of the playoff race in a crowded division. If it is going to be the Cowboys, it is going to be because of these 10 weapons that the Giants have in their favor.

Source : https://247sports.com/nfl/dallas-cowboys/ContentGallery/Biggest-Giants-threats-121840079/