Zaheer Iqbal speaks about his BFF Maahir


Bollywood actor Zaheer Iqbal, who made his debut with ‘Notebook’ which was produced by Salman Khan, spills the beans on his best friend Maahir Zaveri on the occasion of Friendship Day. This day, friends celebrate each other and their lovely bond. Since everyone is at home due to the lockdown, they will be missing their friends today. ETimes got in touch with Zaheer where he spoke about his bond with his BFF, his annoying habits, a special message and much more! Excerpts:
Why is he your best friend?
I think the same way you can’t explain why you love someone, you can never explain why your best friend is your best friend. I think there are so many reasons, so many memories, so many instances that make them your best friend. He is my best friend because it is meant to be.
What is his most annoying habit?

His most annoying habit is that he will be very lazy sometimes. Extremely lazy!

What is the secret behind your bond?

The secret behind our bond is definitely the fact that we never judge each other. I think it is very important in a friendship and that’s what makes your best friend different from your other friends as there is no judgment and I can tell him absolutely anything.

A special attribute which separates him from your other friends

The special attribute which separates our friendship from any other friend is the fact that I have never in 18 years ever fought with Maahir. We have never fought and people find it very strange. But it’s true!

Describe him in one word

One word to describe Maahir Zaveri is zen. He is a Buddha.

How would you describe your and your BFF’s bond? Is it like Jai-Veeru or Rahul-Anjali?

Our relationship is not like them. Our relationship is like Maahir and Zaheer. We keep joking about it that one day books will be written about our friendship and someday you will give an example is your friendship like Jai-Veeru, Rahul-Anjali or Maahir-Zaheer!
On this Friendship Day, what is that one thing you would want to tell your BFF?

Well, I don’t think that there’s anything that Maahir doesn’t know or I don’t know because we are quite vocal about our feelings to one another and how much we love each other. But if there’s one thing that I had to tell him right now that would be ‘please can you get your work and chilling cycle in order?’ because when everyone is chilling, he is busy working and once everyone is going to sleep, he wants to chill. So please fix that and I love you!


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