Xbox One Owners Can Stream an NFL Game This Weekend


Xbox One NFL Yahoo(Photo: Yahoo)

A new way to watch NFL games may soon become more popular after an upcoming game is set to be streamable through the Xbox One and several other devices.

While the idea to broadcast NFL games through different online mediums isn’t unheard of in recent seasons, the move to Xbox One and other gaming consoles is a first for the league that might promote further exploration. The first game that football fans can watch through the Xbox One, PC, mobile devices, and other platforms will be the Baltimore Ravens facing off against the Jacksonville Jaguars on Sunday.

The game is essentially a bonus game for the season that’ll take place in London on Sunday at 6:30 a.m. PT, an earlier time than normal given its atypical location. While the time and the teams competing on Sunday won’t necessarily pull in as many viewers as other games do, it’s still a promising start that could lead to other games being broadcasted in the same manner.

Yahoo has the rights to this coming game’s broadcasts, and the company has provided quite a few different ways for viewers to watch the game. The Xbox One and the Xbox 360 are the two gaming consoles that viewers can use to watch the game, the Microsoft consoles ditching the PlayStation 4 and the PlayStation 3 for the time being. Through the Xbox 360, players will have to navigate to the Yahoo app in order to stream the game, but for those with an Xbox One, you’ll be able to find the broadcast via the NFL app.

But even without Sony’s consoles in the lineup, there’s a ton of additional options including mobile apps and various Yahoo extensions, all of which can be seen here through the Yahoo forums. You can also stream the Baltimore vs. Jacksonville game straight from Yahoo’s site.

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