WWE Survivor Series 2017: What Role Will Owens and Zayn Play?


This Sunday is WWE Survivor Series 2017.  The event is the ultimate in the battle for brand supremacy.  Smackdown Live, however, has its own battle brewing within.

WWE Survivor Series 2017 is just days away and two of Smackdown Lives biggest stars still have nothing to do.  Going into the event many thought that the new pairing of Owens & Zayn would be a focal point, and yet, they’re absent.  Recent reports of being sent home early from a European tour may have played some part in the current lack of booking.  In that same sense though the lack of an appearance on paper may be all part of the larger picture.

At Survivor Series Team RAW will go to battle with Team Smackdown Live for brand supremacy.  Team Smackdown Live will be captained by none other than the Boy Wonder, Shane McMahon.  Not only is McMahon the team captain, but he is also the Commissioner of SDL, and public enemy #1 to Owens and Zayn.  Both men have had their run-ins with Shane with Owens even defeating him in a Hell in a Cell match.  

Since that evening at Hell in a Cell, Shane has turned his attention to the Survivor Series clash.  The former NXT Champions have ramped up their issues with the Commissioner. The root of their transgressions with the boss is the fact he tends to give more chances to his allies than those who may have earned them.  The thing is, both Zayn and Owens lost qualifying matches to gain their spots on the Survivor Series team.  But the beauty of the great heel is, they never lose, they get wronged.

What could Owens & Zayn be plotting?

The obvious thought going into Survivor Series would be that Owens & Zayn will screw Team Smackdown Live out of the victory.  This plays perfectly into their feud with Shane and would progress it to the next logical chapter.  The more I thought about it though that seemed far too easy.  The goal of Kevin and Sami is to stick it to Shane and get one over on him.  Costing the team a loss would be the lowest form of doing that.  There is another option that seems more up the alley of the duo.

With Team RAW taking an advantage and on the verge of victory, Zayn and Owens make their way to the ring in what appears to be a screwjob finish.  Yes, screwjob, it’s Survivor Series and the 20 year anniversary.  But in a turn of events, the pair actually aid Team Smackdown Live and give them the victory.  This would allow them to now have the ultimate “one-up” over Shane.  They can now claim that the only reason Team Smackdown Live won is due to them.  Shane would then be indebted to them and they would be able to run the blue show with a fury.

On SmackDown Live this week, the duo bailed when Kurt Angle led the RAW roster to invade, rather than fight alongside the rest of the Blue Team. Come Sunday, will they set aside their rivalry with McMahon in order to support the blue brand? Or will their hatred for the GM cause them to take things to a level not yet seen?

 The WWE presents Survivor Series 2017 this Sunday live from Houston, Texas.  Stay tuned to Daily DDT for all of your Survivor Series coverage!

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