UK fans host tailgate ahead of Florida game


LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) – Can the UK Wildcats end a 30 game losing streak to Florida? That was the question Wildcat fans tried to answer before Saturday’s big game.

The sold-out crowd brought thousands of people to descend on Kroger Field to cheer on the ‘Cats.

“It’s definitely a different atmosphere than most games, UK fan Laurel Noe said.

Fans were very optimistic about the ‘Cats chances this year.

“I think everyone is really positive. I think everyone thinks we can beat this game and I think afterward if we can beat it we might be ranked and that’ll boost morale even more,”UK fan Paige Noe said. “I think it’s more exciting because we haven’t beat them in 30 years, so obviously UK asked for a ‘blue out’ and we all came, ready to go,” said Noe.

One fan, who tailgates every home game by bringing a decked out bus named “Gary Bussy” after actor Garey Busey, says his excitement was off the charts.

“Florida didn’t do great against Tennessee,” UK fan Rob Eppley said. “We looked even better in our last game and we actually have a shot. I hope at the home stadium we can actually take it home.”

However, that was not the case, the Florida Gators narrowly beat the Wildcats for the final score of 28-27.

Kickoff at Kroger Field was at 7:39 p.m. on Saturday.

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