Tips to style your room for a movie night


Weekends are now completely owned by binge-watching web series and movies on the OTT platforms. And the fun doubles with friends around. So, after the rage of game nights, movie nights or binge-watching nights have also gained popularity and are a great weekend plan to make with friends. But it requires so much more than just the screen time and hence, you need to make your room ready for a comfortable and fun night. Here are some of the amazing tips!
For a sci-fi or a thriller night
Thrillers are more exciting when friends are along to share the jitters. So if you plan to watch a thriller series or a sci-fi movie, deck up your pad accordingly. Dim lights and lamp-lit room adds to the atmosphere. Keep all the yellow lights on instead of the white tube lights, which will keep your room warm and cosy up all of you together.

Horror night
There is nothing more memorable than watching your friends getting equally scared as you. If you plan to watch a horror series this weekend, you can create some excitement by replacing the wall lamp with a red or green bulb. You can serve a red-coloured drink and some jellybeans to add some fun.

Chick-flick night
Chick-flick series are best when watched with your besties. Cosy up with your girlfriends in throw blankets with binging on chips and cupcakes. Fluffy blankets, furry cushions and slumber pillows will make for a perfect setting for a girls night. Take out that floral bed sheet and bright-coloured upholstery to add to the fun night.

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Comedy night
Watching a comedy show or movie becomes a great idea only if you have friends along. Make sure you have fun and bright lighting to enjoy such nights and appetizing finger food will add to it. Make sure that the seating is a little elaborate since everyone prefers taking their own space while bursting out in laughter. Do keep some comforting drink along to keep everyone hydrated and sweets will definitely make up for an amazing finisher.


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