Sorting the Sunday Pile, Week 12: Browns are America’s new team, Baker gets revenge on Hue Jackson


It should be hard to get revenge on a fired head coach, but nothing is impossible when it comes to Hue Jackson. The former Browns coach, fired earlier this season by Cleveland after managing just three wins in two years and change, was the target of revenge by his former team on Sunday after he defected within the division, joining the Bengals as a “special assistant” to Marvin Lewis. 

Jackson’s move isn’t unusual — lots of coaches who are fired move on to roles like that with other teams. But not a lot of them move within the division in the same year when they’re slated to play their old team twice in the final six weeks of the season. Jackson did just that, and it’s clear the Browns players weren’t pleased with the move.

Some of the guys talked a little bit about their feelings prior to the week, but the distaste for Jackson emerged pretty quickly in the game. Cornerback Damarious Randall picked off Andy Dalton in the first half and, instead of cutting upfield with the ball to pick up more yardage, spotted some would-be tacklers and ducked out of bounds before flipping the ball to Hue

The former coach didn’t appear to understand it wasn’t Randall being nice, which is just perfect. Actually perfect is the handshake between Jackson and Baker Mayfield following the game. Mayfield was reportedly “not upset” at Jackson getting canned; you could tell from the start of the season, during “Hard Knocks” even, Mayfield was lukewarm on Jackson’s coaching. 

After the game, Hue sought Baker out, tried to give him a hug and Mayfield, who had dapped it up with Vontaze Burfict just moments before, gave Hue the old “Oh, hello there. I hope you’re well” handshake.

Mayfield said after the game there were some hard feelings because of Hue’s decision to go coach a team the Browns were set to play. 

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