Rihanna Cast Two Pregnant Models For New York Fashion Week, And One Gave Birth Right After The Show


“…before Bosso, [Woods] had been dating women. ‘I never thought I’d be with anyone like him,’ she says, vague about how she defines their relationship, but pointing out that she likes that they both maintain independence, with him living in LA and her in Brooklyn…” according to the mag. “Slick didn’t find out a baby was on the way until five months into her pregnancy – a result of an incorrect diagnosis of infertility given to her when she was young. ‘I was really, really, really sick in London, but thought it was because of travel, so a doctor gave me pills for flu. Went to Paris: more pills for flu. And then I went to LA, and they tried a sonogram, and I saw my baby’s face and heard his heartbeat,’ she says. ‘Tears of joy.’”

Source : https://www.buzzfeed.com/essencegant/rihanna-pregnant-models-savage-slick-woods-labor-birth