Resonance of Fate 4K/HD Edition for PC getting the high-resolution textures as free DLC


PC owners picking up Resonance of Fate 4K/HD Edition for Steam this week will be pleased to know that tri-Ace will be giving out the high-res textures as free DLC.

According to tri-Ace, since the PC version originally required about 83 gigabytes o space, releasing the high-resolution texture separately allowed them to reduce the space required to play to only 16GB. For gamers who have a meaty PC and want to really play the game on 4K resolution, definitely consider downloading the high-resolution textures for the best performance possible.

New to the game? Here’s an overview via the official website:

■ World

The Earth in a far distant future.

Although the reasons are unclear, multitudes of negative elements saturate the world, leaving the earth on the brink of ruin.

The poisons from the atmosphere swirl along the ground, and the biosphere has become so warped that even the concept of time has been broken. The human race faces extinction from being unable to cope with the bizarrely evolving ecosystem.

The remnants of humanity band together to build and place ‘Basel’, a huge machine that normalizes the environment. Basel functionality to normalize things also included controlling living things. That also included controlling the life cycles of people, reducing and exhausting humans as mere seeds.

The remaining humans gathered around Basel and continued their existence. In time, the humans gained entrance into the machine and created living spaces and even a town. Though these actions had consequences, causing the gradual erosion of Basel’s functionality.

The descendants of the original builders huddled in their self-contained worlds, repeating the mistakes of their ancestors.

■ Characters

“How can there be a God in a world with people like me?”

  • Voiced by: Scott Menville
  • Age: 17

“A youth that rebels against fate. He grew up in a seminary. A few years ago, he was captured by Vashyron after starting an incident there. Currently, he partners with Vashyron in a PMF.

“But that’s really not for me to say. The only thing that matters is wwhat’s in your heart. Right?”

  • Voiced by: Nolan North
  • Age: 26

A man that has accepted his fate. Works as a PMF (Private Military Firm), contracting various missions for compensation. Supposedly a surviving member of the cardinal forces that was involved in a large scale war, but he reveals little of his past.

“Is it really a dream if you can just buy it?”

  • Voiced by: Jessica DiCicco
  • Age: 21

A girl that has overthrown fate. A young woman living with Zephyr and Vashyron. She was saved by Zephyr and joined him in the PMF.

■ System

  • Experience firearm-based pulse-pounding strategic battles!
  • Customize to create your own original ultimate gun!
  • Solve the puzzle of the world map to reveal it!
  • Change your appearance depending on the situation!
  • The bullet hell RPG is about to begin!

■ Purchase Benefits

  • PlayStation 4: Original Theme and Avatar
  • Steam: Steam Trading Cards

■ Specifications

  • Available on: PlayStation, PC (Steam)
  • Genre: RPG
  • Release Date: October 18, 2018
  • Price: $35 / €35 / 3,700 yen
  • Players: Single-Player
  • Rating:
    • ESRB: Teen
    • USK: 16
    • PEGI: 16
    • Classification Board: Under Review

Resonance of Fate 4K/HD Edition will be available for PlayStation 4 via the PlayStation Store and PC via Steam worldwide on October 18. For those who are interested to finding out if the original game was any good, check out our review of the Xbox 360 version.

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