Reserved seat for deity on Mahakal Express?


NEW DELHI: The IRCTC is mooting the idea for keeping a reserved seat for a deity on the Varanasi-Indore 3 AC premier train that was launched on Sunday.
A seat 64 inside coach B5 in its inaugural run was decorated with a pious red cloth, framed photographs of Lord Shiva and Goddess Durga.
This is the third private train, being given the name of Kashi Mahakal Express, that is being billed as the first such service to offer devotional songs and just vegetarian fare onboard.
“Our staff are equipped to train aarti. The train staff today had reserved the seat for the pooja,” said Rajni Hasija, director (tourism & marketing).

The IRCTC officials, however, remained non-commital in confirming whether the seat for deity will continue to remain permanent a feature in all journeys.
“We have to adhere to all faiths. Today, there were lot of Muslims among shehnai players at the launch. Since most of our staff will be on board for the entire week and may not have time for their daily pooja elsewhere and keeping the theme of the train as well, we may turn this seat into a permanent feature. We are discussing the idea at the moment,” said an IRCTC official.


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