‘Red Dead Redemption II’ Makes for a Perfect ‘Grand Theft Auto’ Poster


A Grand Theft Auto-style poster has been created for Red Dead Redemption II that looks like it could’ve come straight from Rockstar Games.

Advertisements for Grand Theft Auto games have a distinctive style to them, one that Reddit user reservoircat17 captured in their fan-made Red Dead Redemption II poster that’s modeled after the same format that Rockstar Games uses. The poster’s creator shared the image through the PS4 subreddit with many people chiming in within the comments to say that it had them fooled into thinking that it was a real advertisement for the next Red Dead Redemption game.

[Image] Red Dead Redemption 2 poster I put together in the GTA style from r/PS4

It’s not an official poster though, but it’s clear from the responses that people wouldn’t be disappointed if the two Rockstar Games series overlapped for a poster promotion. It wouldn’t be totally unexpected for Rockstar Games and Take-Two Interactive to come out with such a promotion either seeing how the two game series are already crossing over for the release of Red Dead Redemption II. As part of the pre-order bonuses for the next Red Dead game, players who purchases the digital version of the game ahead of its release will get some bonus GTA$ to spend in GTA Online.

“Bonus GTA $500,000 to spend immediately in Grand Theft Auto Online (After pre-ordering your copy of Red Dead Redemption 2 through the Microsoft Store on Xbox, this GTA $500,000 bonus can be downloaded by searching for “$500,000 for Grand Theft Auto Online” on the Microsoft Store.)” the pre-order bonus description for the Microsoft Store listing said, though this same bonus can also be acquired through the PlayStation Store.

With Grand Theft Auto V being Rockstar Games’ most recent hit and Red Dead Redemption II following it in the coming months, it makes sense that the two games would be compared to one another as well. It’s been reported in the past that Grand Theft Auto V was named the most profitable entertainment product of all time, so Red Dead Redemption II has a lot to live up to. Take-Two Interactive’s CEO Strauss Zelnick was asked by Game Informer if he thought Red Dead Redemption II could live up to the standard set by Grand Theft Auto V, and while he’s sure the game will be a hit, he’s unsure of how successful it’ll be compared to the publisher’s other games.


“Do I think it’ll be a hit? Yes. Do I think it’ll be a huge hit? Yes,” Zelnick told Game informer. “Do I know how huge of a hit it will be? I actually don’t, I mean I really don’t. I know the team has put their heart and soul into it and it shows.”

Red Dead Redemption II releases for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on Oct. 26.

Source : https://comicbook.com/gaming/2018/09/16/red-dead-redemption-ii-grand-theft-auto-poster/