Point penalty causes Roger Federer to lose his cool


Roger Federer, who was handed a point penalty during his quarterfinal loss to Alexander ‘Sascha’ Zverev in the Rolex Shanghai Masters, took on chair umpire Nacho Forcadell in the third set when trailing 0-3.
Federer, who was given a warning for ‘unsportsmanlike conduct’ at the end of the second set, vented at the umpire after not being told new balls were in play. The Swiss superstar, who was pulled up for ball abuse again when he tapped a ball into the stands, the ball coming off the rim of his racket and landing at the back of the court, was promptly docked a point.
“It is maybe not with full power but it is hitting the ball out,” Forcadell was heard telling Federer. “Well what’s the full reason?” the 38-year-old asked.
Federer wasn’t happy with the question posed to him on the incident in his post-match conference. Later, in response to a different query he said, “The crowds were unreal, they were going for it. So it’s all good that the umpire got involved too.” Zverev said Federer started to play better after his exchanges with the umpire.
“He will always find a way. That’s why he’s the greatest player of all time,” the German said. “He will in difficult periods where his mind is maybe not at his best, find a way to make it difficult for you.”


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