NHAI fined for failing to contain dust pollution along Delhi-Meerut Expressway


GHAZIABAD: The Uttar Pradesh Pollution Control Board(UPPCB) has recommended environmental compensation cost of Rs 90.23 lakh on National Highways Authority of India(NHAI) for not adopting necessary measures for dust abatement.
The UPPCB team had recently carried out inspection on Delhi-Meerut Expressway and it found that on Dasna-Meerut stretch where NHAI is undertaking construction work there were various sections where NHAI had not taken measures to contain dust pollution.
“We had recently carried out survey on entire DME stretch and on Dasna-Meerut stretch we noticed various spots where loose soil was kept in open resulting in dust pollution” said Utsav Sharma, regional officer, UPPCB.
“The NHAI and other agencies and departments had in a recently convened meeting with EPCA Chairman Bhure Lal were asked to take measures to control dust pollution but that was obviously not happening as a result of which we had to recommend to CPCB that EC on NHAI to the tune of RS 90.23 lakh be imposed on them” added Sharma.
This action also comes in the backdrop of EPCA chairman Bhure Lal’s recent visit to Hapur where he himself was witness to dust pollution along DME.
NHAI was penalised last year as well for not taking appropriate measures to control dust from its ongoing project and a fine of Rs 2.50 lakh was imposed on it.
The district magistrate, Ghaziabad and UPPCB have been issuing directions from time to time to agencies and departments to adhere to norms to mitigate pollution. “Sprinkling on dust emanating patches, covering of construction material being handled on site and providing dust breaking screens where necessary and there have been number of construction sites where these measures are not being followed and we plan to impose fines in couple of days” said Sharma.
“In addition to this two industries M/s Ved Cellulose situated at Hapur Road and M/s RAC Paper Limited situated at Modinagar were found to be in violation of using banned fuel in its industries during inspection carried out by out night vigil team” said Sharma. “The two industries have been imposed a fine of Rs. 26,25,000 and Rs 24,75,000 respectively on these industries” said Sharma. About 600 Kgs of plastic that was being stored in one of the industries were seized which the industry used as fuel by burning it.


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