Morning musing: 2020-half done


Stepping out for a walk in the neighbourhood, I came across this lovely trooper, perched confidently, and felt connected with the Divine. What other emotion could the sight of Sri Ram’s squirrel, looking you in the face, with Aaditya rising in its splendour, evoke!

Was it just yesterday that I moved to this place in pursuit of my passion? Twelve months have elapsed since I embarked upon this new milestone in my academic journey; learning in an environment reminiscent of Home. 

There is only one place, however, that I can, and shall, ever call ‘Home’. 

Is that how you feel about ‘Home’ too? Now that we have progressed to exchanging notes, how about you share your feelings about 2020? Does it remind you of its namesake cricket format (2020) too, replete with players hitting like there is no tomorrow? Doesn’t the hitting part literally hit home, if you know what I mean?

Are you tempted to dismiss the above as mere hyperbole, dear reader? My expression stems from all that Bharat has braved this year, that too in quick succession. Remember the protests, pandemic, earthquake, cyclone, locust attack, action at the borders and then some. Seems surreal that we are into the second half, already. Doesn’t it?

As you stayed safely confined during the lockdown, did you ever recall the myriad ‘2020 promises to be a year of transformation’ predictions that the year began with? Were those claims fake? 

Honest reflection reveals that we are presented with an unprecedented, global ctrl-alt-del reset for the collective. This once-in-millennia opportunity can transform the planet; we can leave the world better than we found it. We must recognise and embrace this incredible prospect to rise to our highest potential. 

Are we ready to take the leap (pun absolutely intended)? 

A foot soldier of Sri Ram sent me scurrying on this flurry of thoughts! I smiled and said ‘Jai Sri Ram’ in my heart, appreciating the fact that even when away from home, I was definitely not alone. I also wondered if this was a reaffirmation of the fact that ‘wherever I go, there I am’. After all, I have, over the years, turned houses aplenty into homes and made friends of strangers from across cultures and continents.

Every year,
I am forced to pack,

expensive keepsakes bubble wrapped,
books boxed in cartons,
household goods plastered in plastic,
furniture decked in muslin.

At the same time,

I also end up packing, 

precious memories bubble wrapped,
bonhomie boxed in cartons,
sundry surprises plastered in plastic,

conscious colloquy decked in muslin.

So, don’t grieve, 

embrace the ceaseless movement, for,
as long as it is all in my heart,
no matter how many houses I move,
I shall always have my home.

2020 is half done; well begun or not, is not for me to say. 

Was the Universe directing me, through the messenger of Sri Ram, to keep moving in earnest enquiry? 

Keep moving; the lessons and the path shall appear on their own! 

Transformation beckoned. Transformation had begun.

DISCLAIMER : Views expressed above are the author’s own.


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