Matt Hardy Announces Apparent Retirement from WWE


After several weeks of teasing that something big was imminent, Matt Hardy has apparently announced his retirement from professional wrestling.

Late on Saturday evening, Hardy posted a short YouTube video to his social media feed announcing the end of his career in wrestling. He said during the video that WWE had allowed him to fulfill all of his advertised appearance, but the show Saturday in Corpus Christi, Texas marked his last one.

Hardy talked about how you can never say never, but as of right now you may never see “Broken” Matt Hardy in a WWE ring again. The person filming him asked about what is next, to which Hardy replied, “I have two young kids and a wife. It’s time for me to go home.”

In the YouTube video’s description, Hardy also wrote:

“Thank you for letting me live my dream for 26 years, wrestling fans. I don’t necessarily wish it was this way, but it’s time to go home. Time to go home and be a father. Time to go home and be a husband. I did so much more than I ever imagined I would do. Thanks for making this incredible journey with me, ladies and gentlemen. I love you all.”

You can watch the video below.

The retirement video comes at an odd time given the fact that Hardy and WWE were pushing his involvement in a possible attack at Sunday’s Hell In A Cell just one day ago.


We will have to wait and see if this is for real or just part of some larger storyline. Hardy has been a master of manipulation for years, so we wouldn’t put it past him to be crafting up some kind of creative storyline with this announcement.

All of that being said, Hardy has been working as a backstage producer for several weeks and that would seem to be a natural transition for him should he want to stay in the business. Hardy returned to WWE in 2017 at WrestleMania 33 following a several year run with TNA Impact Wrestling and on the independent scene. His current WWE contract runs until next March.

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