Joplin Walmart Participates in Nationwide Wellness Day


Rangeline Walmart in Joplin joined 4,700 other Walmart stores across the country for Wellness Day.

As people head into Walmart to get their grocery shopping done, they have an opportunity to check a  different kind of errand off their list.

“We are doing some basic screenings, we’re doing blood pressure screenings, blood glucose screenings, calculating body mass index” says Dr. Feagan. 

The State of Obesity reports that Missouri’s diabetes rate is the 13th highest in the nation, this is an effort to keep people in the know about their health.

“They may not have symptoms, or they may be unable to go to the doctor or just not have the time so if we are here and out in front of the pharmacy and be able to provide that on a walk in basis and give them a basic idea of where they stand” he says. 

“We live busy lives don’t always take advantage of getting those things done…making doctor’s appointments, so if you can get in here and get that done on a Saturday afternoon while you’re buying your groceries, then it’s that much more convenient for you” says manager, Henry Wallace.

Whether it was vision or blood pressure, if results were abnormal shoppers can get suggestions on how to proceed next with their personal health care professional.

A simple BMI test could make you aware of any problems you might be prone to.

“Diabetes often follows with that, elevated blood pressure, which then people are at risk for cardiac risk or heart problems. So if we can sit down and talk about whether you’re in the lower range or maybe considered overweight or obese, then we can talk about life style modifications” says Dr. Feagan.

So whether you just stopped by the free vitamin sample table or went and got your blood pressure checked, you could leave your errand running knowing a little more about your health.

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