‘Go back Modi’ trend on Twitter traced to Pak-linked handles


NEW DELHI: A probe by intelligence agencies has shown the #GoBackModi trend on Twitter, noticed when Prime Minister Narendra Modi landed in Tamil Nadu, was energetically promoted by handles linked to Pakistanis who have a history of acting in tandem on social media with extremist groups.
The trend has been seen in the past as well when the PM had visited the state. This time the agencies tracked the handles and profiles and detected a common thread of anti-India propaganda.
Indian agencies had been observing a #GoBackModi campaign on Twitter when Modi was in Tamil Nadu . While there is a possibility of Modi facing opposition in the state where DMK remains strong and anti-North or language sentiment is not unknown, investigators were intrigued by the intensity of the campaig, said sources .
An investigation carried out by agencies revealed the role of pro-Pakistan handles with a long history of acting in tandem with military establishment in that country.
For instance, @MuzammilAslam3 congratulated @ImranKhanPTI and @Official DGISPR – verified handles of the Pakistani PM and Pakistan Army spokesperson respectively – on Friday afternoon over #GoBackModi trending on Facebook.
The handle @AMMARkhalidKHAN, claiming to be based in Balakot, tweeted: “Lots of love for Tamil nation from Pakistan”. @Jamshaidasi, also based in Pakistan, tagged #GoBackModi to say “Turkey is Not Alone. Love for Pakistan”.


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