Fortnite pros Tfue, Ninja, 72Hrs and more react to Winter Royale Day One performances


The Fortnite Winter Royale is an opportunity for every player to make an impact on the professional esports scene.


Despite the event’s open availability that gives undiscovered amateur players a chance, the biggest names in Fortnite are also involved.

The event is a series of matches in a special playlist that rewards points based on eliminations, Victory Royales and average placings – the top 200 players from each region will advance to the finals.

To catch up on the format in detail, you can check out Dexerto’s Winter Skirmish guide hub.

Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins was dealing with an illness that prevented him from streaming, however he posted a screenshot of his qualifying scores from the event. The face of Fortnite posted an impressive score of 29, good enough to be in a qualifying position after one day.

Liquid’s Thomas ’72Hrs’ Mulligan put up one of the most impressive scores out there compared to other big names, showing off a score of 31 and even claiming it could have been higher.

Fellow Team Liquid pro Vivid did even better, getting 34 points to finish in 15th place on the NA leaderboards.

100 Thieves player Kenith was the opposite of Hill and tweeted about how proud he was for not tilting at all. It helped that he put up one of the best scores in the region, 32 points for 28th place.

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