Drew Brees closes in on “mind-boggling” record


Saints quarterback Drew Brees hopes to focus exclusively on registering a win on Monday night against Washington. Try as he might, however, part of his attention will be devoted to a record he’ll break during that game, with only 201 more passing yards: The mark for career passing yards.

He told reporters on Thursday that he’s trying not to think about passing Brett Favre and Peyton Manning in the same game, and that Brees never spent much time during his 18-year career thinking about it.

“I never even thought, ‘Hey, I am going to have to play this many years in order to accomplish something like that,’” Brees said. “[W]hen my first NFL game in the preseason was at Miami back in 2001, and I remember walking in the stadium for the first time and looking up in the Ring of Honor and seeing Dan Marino’s name and every passing record next to it that is in that Ring of Honor there. Just looking at those numbers is mind-boggling. To say, ‘Man, how long do you have to play in order to achieve something like that?’ At the time I was just hoping to solidify the backup position and eventually maybe one day be a starter. So to be sitting here 18 years later within striking distance and that record was broken a few times from that moment right as far as Brett Favre and Peyton [Manning]. So it’s just kind of mind-boggling.”

It is indeed mind-boggling that any of Peyton Manning’s records are in danger, but they are. Just as Brees’ records will be in danger. And just as the passing records will continue to be in jeopardy, especially as talented young passers continue to flood the game.

So will Peyton be in his hometown of New Orleans to see Brees break a record Peyton surely would like to keep?

“I have no idea,” Brees said. “I’m locked in on the game.”

Regardless of his focus on the upcoming game, Brees admits to being pleased with being the last guy standing from the 2001 draft class.

“I take pride in that,” Brees said. “Again, I kind of had benchmarks when I first got in the league. First and foremost, it was to find a way to become a starter. Earn that spot. Earn that right. Man, that is saying something and then you start playing and maybe you have a couple good games you think maybe I can be good enough to lead this team to the playoffs and then maybe I could be good enough to make a Pro Bowl and then maybe I could scratch and claw and play 10 years and get to double-digits. Wouldn’t that be something? Then you just reassess once you hit those goals, once you hit those benchmarks. Then just keep setting them and make them realistic, but make them where you really got to work for them, snap your fingers and here you are.”

Here he is. And at a time when so much focus is being placed on how long Tom Brady will play, the question of Brees’ intended career duration rarely comes up. Maybe Brees, who turns 40 in January, will end up playing so long that his upcoming career yardage record will stand for a very long time.

Source : https://sports.yahoo.com/drew-brees-closes-mind-boggling-235338083.html