Devil May Cry 5’s New Void Mode Revealed, Special Devil Breakers Detailed


During Microsoft’s X018 event, Devil May Cry 5 producer Matt Walker and director Hideaki Itsuno appeared on the stream to discuss the upcoming sequel and reveal Void Mode, which will help teach players the tricks of the demon hunting trade. While previous games in the series have attempted to clue players in on how to play the game, this time Capcom is formalizing the process by giving the process its own mode.

At PAX West 2018, Itsuno said the team was working on a training mode, which is “something people have been asking for” but Capcom has had “certain titles where we haven’t been able to get that done correctly.” This time, however, it has “made sure to make the effort.” This mode is of course Void Mode, and during the stream we learned that players will enter “The Void” and experiment with weapons and styles. There are options such as the ability to turn damage on and off to either practice or see how much damage you do. Devil Breakers can be used indefinitely to get comfortable with them.

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First Look At Devil May Cry 5’s ‘Void Mode’ And Deluxe Edition Devil Breakers

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Itsuno and Walker also provided a showcase of Nero’s Devil Breakers. These are a unique weapon for the character that give him a variety of interesting tools and abilities that he can work into combat and traversal. The Gerbera GP01 is a variant of another Breaker that give Nero movement options using shockwaves. The Pasta Breaker is a Breaker created by the inventor character Nico, and it has a fork on it. It’s the only Devil Breaker that lets you cycle your remaining Breakers. The Sweet Surrender is the only Breaker that can heal Nero, and Break Gauge moves will recover three bars of health at the cost of the Breaker itself. Finally, there’s the Mega Buster, which is inspired by Mega Man, and it changes Nero’s poses and animations to pay homage to Mega Man.

Devil May Cry 5 releases for Xbox One, PS4, and PC on March 8, 2019. Along with Nero, the series’ leading man Dante will be a playable characters. The duo are joined a mysterious third character called V, who is entirely new to the series. In terms of story, Devil May Cry 5 takes place a few years after the fourth game, with Nero running his own demon hunting agency.

The game will continue the series’ tradition of having weird and wacky weaponry, and at New York Comic-Con the Faust Hat–a cowboy hat that has eyes–made its debut. According to Capcom, Faust Hat was designed to offer a risk and reward dynamic. While wearing it, players can fire Red Orbs at enemies from their hands and throw the hat as a weapon too. If you kill enemies, you’ll receive a substantial amount of Red Orbs back. However, throwing the hat at an enemy also “marks” it with its own hat, and if they attack you in return, you’ll lose more Red Orbs.

We played the game at Tokyo Game Show and you can read more impressions of Devil May Cry 5 here.

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