Dear PMsahib: A beleaguered leader seeks advice from a neighbour who has been far more successful as a desh ka neta 😜


Dear PMsahib, I know that we are not on the best of terms right now because of all this J&K business.  But we are neighbours, and when one is in a difficult situation to whom should one turn to for help than to one’s neighbour?

The problem is that my army chief is increasingly sidelining me and I fear that one day he’ll just take over my job.

You don’t face any such problems with your army, and are very much Big Boss. Is that because of your Size 56 chest?  Should I join a gym and get myself one as well? Yrs etc, IK.

Dear IK, I don’t think joining a gym will help.  You see, while my setup has always been a true democracy, or an aamocrocy, which is for aam janta, your so-called democracy has always been an armocracy, which is for your army, which calls all the shots. Yrs etc, NM.

Dear PMsahib, Thank you for your prompt response. This democracy business seems to be a very complex affair.  Are there any other kinds of democracy and, if so, how can I go about getting one?  Yrs etc, IK.

Dear IK, There are other kinds of democracy.  But for you to get one you’ll have to find yourself a Pappu, as I’ve done.  Yrs etc, NM.

Dear PMsahib, The more advice you give me, the more confused I seem to get.  Who, or what, is a Pappu, and how do I get one for myself? Yrs etc, IK.

Dear IK, When things start going wrong for me, like the economy is in the ICU, and there are no jobs, and my aamocracy is turning into a harmocracy harming everyone, I can put all the blame on Pappu and his family, and turn harmocracy into my charmocracy, which charms everyone.  I think Bilawal will make a very nice Pappu for you.  Yrs etc, NM.

Dear PMsahib, Democracy, aamocracy, armocracy, harmocracy, charmocracy.  All your cracies are driving me cracy….

(Unfinished letter forwarded by the Islamabad Institute for the Mentally Disturbed on behalf of inmate Imran Khan.)

DISCLAIMER : This article is intended to bring a smile to your face. Any connection to events and characters in real life is coincidental.


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