Cubs sign free-agent pitcher Tyler Chatwood to 3-year, $38 million deal


While the Cubs continue to wait on Japanese free agent Shohei Ohtani to pick a major-league organization, they seized a moment Thursday to sign a much-needed starting pitcher in Tyler Chatwood.

“There are times to strike quickly, and there are times to wait and get value,” Cubs President Theo Epstein said after the announcement Chatwood had signed a three-year, $38 million contract.

“Starting pitching is an area where there is more demand than supply, (whereas) in certain areas of the relief market there’s a lot of supply. We felt if we could get the right starter on a reasonable deal before the winter meetings, it was something we would like to do. It wasn’t something we felt we had to do.”

Chatwood, 28 later this month, provides a nice fit for now behind Jon Lester, Kyle Hendricks and Jose Quintana in the Cubs’ rotation. There also is room for Ohtani, 23, the prized pitcher/hitter who could decide to sign with the Cubs or one of six other remaining finalists as early as next week at baseball’s winter meetings in Orlando, Fla.

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