College basketball rankings: Kansas, in possession of nation’s best resume, remains No. 1 in Top 25 And 1


Seven different schools got first-place votes in the preseason AP poll. That number dwindled to four after the first week of the season. Last week it was also four. And this week it’ll likely be down to just three — with Kansas positioned to get the most. Gonzaga will also get some. And considering Virginia has received two first-place votes each week from Dave Preston and Lauren Brownlow, there’s no reason to believe Preston and Brownlow will start this week’s ballots with anything other than Virginia.

All of which is fine and reasonable.

I promise my Monday afternoon Poll Attacks column will not be directed at anybody ranking Kansas, Gonzaga or Virginia No. 1 because it’s easy to make a case for any of them. But, as I explained Saturday morning, I personally believe KU should be No. 1 right now because the Jayhawks clearly have the nation’s best resume. They’re 5-0 with two wins over schools (Michigan State, Tennessee) currently in the top 10 at KenPom — and another over a school (Marquette) currently in the top 40. If you’re wondering, no other team has multiple wins over schools currently in the top 10 — or three over schools currently in the top 40.

So, yeah, the Jayhawks deserve to be No. 1.

It’s what they are in Monday morning’s Top 25 And 1.

Biggest Movers

IN: Nebraska, Mississippi State
OUT: Florida State, LSU

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