Canelo vs. GGG results: Alvarez wins majority decision in championship thriller


Saul “Canelo” Alvarez won a majority decision over Gennady “GGG” Golovkin in their rematch on Saturday, becoming the unified middleweight champion, including the WBA (Super), WBC, IBO and The Ring Magazine belts. It was a very close bout, like the first one, but many (this writer included) thought Golovkin clearly won.

Judge Daev Moretti scored it 115-113 for Alvarez. Jude Glenn Feldman scored it a 114-114 draw. Judge Steve Weisfeld scored it 115-113 for Alvarez, resulting in the majority decision.

In the opening rounds, Golovkin worked his jab well, but Alvarez was more consistent with connecting on harder shots. He backed up Golovkin a few times, though “GGG” got his shots in early as well, out-landing Alvarez thanks to the left jab.

Golovkin started to fade first in the middle rounds, but came back strong, backing up Alvarez throughout the final rounds. Golovkin looked well in control of at least the final four rounds, and a couple of the opening ones. It was a very close match, and certainly one of the best fights of all time.

In the co-feature, the WBO junior middleweight title was on the line, and Jaime Munguia was the favorite by a wide, wide margin. And for good reason. Brandon Cook got in some good shots in the second round, but Munguia’s offense was too much from him, as he was knocked out in the third round. More accurately, the referee stopped the bout early and saved Cook from the savage hooks that Munguia was winging.

For the opening bout, Roman “Chocolatito” Gonzalez got off to a bit of a slow start, but picked up the pace in every round before stopping Moises Fuentes in the fifth round. The follow-up bout was a shocker, with David Lemieux dropping Gary O’Sullivan inside of the first round with a brutal left hook.

The rematch was originally set for May 5, but was postponed when Alvarez was suspended for a positive drug test. Alvarez cooperated with officials, but claimed the positive test was due to tainted meat. Either way, Golovkin went on to fight (and beat) another opponent on that date, and the rematch was set for Saturday.

Below, you can see the full live blog in reverse order.

Saul “Canelo” Alvarez def. Gennady “GGG” Golovkin via majority decision

Round 12: Fina round and at least on my card, Alvarez needs ak nockout. Big left hook from Golovkin, then two hard jabs. Hard right uppercut from Golovkin snaps Alvarez’s head back. Alvarez slips briefly. They tie up, and are separated. Hook to the body by Golovkin. Left hook from Alvarez connects, but Golovkin also lands a hook of his own. Hard, short right hand from Alvarez lands up top. They trade uppercuts. More jabs and hooks are exchanged near the end, and they embrace at the bell! Wow! It’s Golovkin on my card, but wow!

Round 11: Alvarez is doing a lot of backing up to start this round. He gets Alvarez against the ropes, and then lands two big jabs. Alvarez is standing still, eating several big shots over the top, including a hard right hook. Alvarez wings a hook that does some damage — he’s not done yet. Golovkin is now blocking the body shots, a crucial element of this fight. They are slowing down a bit more. Hard left hook from Golovkin. Right body shot from Alvarez. Right hook from Alvarez. Short combo from Golovkin lands. First half of that round was GGG’s, the second was Alvarez’s.

Round 10: Golovkin looks faster now, despite Alvarez’s corner assuring him that Golovkin has nothing left. Two very hard hooks from Golovkin, and then he follows it up with a massive combo, three, four, five punches on a turtling Alvarez. But Alvarez comes back after getting away from the ropes and lands a nice hook and a good body shot. Another body shot from Alvarez, but Golovkin responds with another flurry, snapping Alvarez’s head back with a series of jabs. Another big Golovkin round, at least on my card.

Round 9: Alvarez finally showing signs of wear and damage. Two hard body shots from Alvarez to start, though. Stiff jab, left hook from Golovkin. Alvarez connects with a hook while Golovkin was taking a big breath, and then the same thing happens the other direction. Alvare misses with a hook to the body, but lands a good right hand right through Golovkin’s guard. Big left hook from Golovkin. Alvarez complains about a potential headbutt. Golovkin coming forward even more now, throwing big combos, and Alvarez is handily losing this round.

Round 8: Golovkin’s corner tells him he is losing between rounds. Hard right hook from Golovkin, and then one from Alvarez. Short right hook lands for Golovkin as he ducks under Alvarez. More jabs from Golovkin. Alvarez is starting to back up now, but he lands a hard left hook. Big jab from Golovkin snaps Alvarez’s head back, then a one-two combo ended by a hard right hook. That was a Golovkin round … probably.

Round 7: Golovkin comes out a bit faster in this round, but he eats two big body shots early. The jab, ever-present, continues landing for him though. Golovkin is pretty much throwing a jab every other second at this point. Halfway through this round, and not much action. They’ve both slowed it down a bit. Hard uppercut from Golovkin, but a hard hook from Alvarez follows that up. Yet another close one! I’d probably call that round a draw.

Round 6: Left jab from Golovkin continues. Alvarez keeps coming forward, even through the jabs. Alvarez is absorbing a lot of damage as a result, but Golovkin is clearly frustrated by the fact that the man he’s fighting is controlling the pace. The two exchange uppercuts. Hard right hook from Golovkin lands. Another good body shot from Alvarez. Golovkin snaps Alvarez’s head back with a hard jab. This is a great fight!

Round 5: Golovkin dodges an uppercut and connects with two hard jabs. Alvarez seems to have a cut near his right eye. Jab, hook, uppercut combo from Golovkin is good, but he eats a hard hook from Alvarez. Golovkin sidesteps to get away from a winging hook. Big jab from Alvarez. Golovkin is taking some big breaths here, Alvarez’s body shots have to be slowing him down. Golovkin, meanwhile, has only thrown a handful of shots to the body. The round ends with a nice Golovkin jab combo, however.

Round 4: Bad miss on the uppercut from Alvarez nearly leads to Golovkin taking his head off, but he gets out of the way. They both are flinging jabs far, far faster than I can type right now. Golovkin connects with a hard uppercut. Alvarez misses with an overhand right, then lands a good body shot. Golovkin needs to land some of those — and he hits one, just after I’ve typed that. A minute to go in the round. Four quick jabs from Golovkin all land, and then one from Alvarez connects too. Big body shot from Alvarez. Extremely close round, perhaps Alvarez’s though!

Round 3: Alvarez slips a nice left jab through the guard, and Golovkin connects with an uppercut in response. Golovkin has some damage near his right eye, but it’s not bleeding yet. Golovkin keeps landing the jab, and then a hard right hook, but Alvarez responds with a left hook, and a big jab of his own. Left hook misses for Golovkin, then it lands, as he ducks under a big hook from Alvarez. Another very close round — Alvarez is landing the harder shots, it seems, but Golovkin is getting his work in. I think it’s 2-1 Golovkin right now.

Round 2: Golovkin eats two hard left hands from Alvarez, but he shakes it off and lands a nice jab. Right now this is just a battle of jabs. Short uppercut from Golovkin grazes. Golovkin ducks his head right into a left uppercut from Alvarez. Alvarez is loosening up here. Big body shot from Alvarez. Hard body shot from Alvarez, followed up by a nice one-two-three up top from Golovkin. Alvarez misses with a winging left hook. Jabs from Golovkin as the round ends. That one was probably Alvarez’s round.

Round 1: Both fighters rush to the center of the ring to start, with Golovkin jabbing first. Two more jabs from Golovkin after a hook from Canelo is blocked. Left hook from Canelo sneaks through Golovkin’s guard. Golovkin is starting a lot stronger than he did in the first bout. Two more left jabs from him, though he eats one from Alvarez too. Alvarez lands a short left jab. Body shot from Alvarez grazes Golovkin. Golovkin snaps Alvarez’s head back with a jab, and the round is done. That was probably a GGG round.

Jaime Munguia def. Brandon Cook via TKO at 1:03 of Round 3

Round 3: Cook comes forward again, with hard body shots. Big ones. But he is caught hard by a hook from Munguia, and it’s a knockdown. Cook goes down, but makes it through the standing count. They start back up, and Munguia swarms again. Brutal body shot leads Cooks to turtle against the ropes, and after some more peppering blows, the referee stops the fight. Munguia was throwing absolutely brutal hooks to the body! What a showing!

Round 2: Cook knows he has to come out strong, and he does that in the second round, throwing big combos, and getting Munguia against the ropes briefly. Right uppercut from Munguia just grazes and pushes Cook back. Big overhand right from Cook misses. Munguia wants to go off on Cook again, but he knows the power is there and he doesn’t want to be on the receiving end of a one-puncher, which seem to be popular tonight. Short right from Cook lands. And again, with 10 seconds to go in the round, Munguia starts unloading with a series of strong hooks. Cook lands a body shot near the end that was pretty good. Actually a close round, but probably Munguia’s.

Round 1: Slow start to this round, with Munguia waiting for Cook to engage, but Cook … isn’t’e engaging. Couple left jabs from Munguia land, then a left overhand misses and he eats a pair of jabs from Cook. Hard body shot from Munguia, and he eats one from Cook right after. Big hook to the body from Munguia. He’s got Cook against the ropes, and Munguia begins teeing off. Munguia is warned for hits to the back of the head. With the first round coming to a close, Munguia fires off several hard hooks, and all Cook can do is turtle until the bell.

David Lemieux def. Gary O’Sullivan via KO at 2:44 of Round 1

Round 1: Lemiux comes out more agressive to start the first, working the body early, but he eats a couple stiff left jabs from O’Sullivan. Good, hard body shot from Lemieux, then another. Strong left jab from O’Sullivan. Left hook from Lemieux and O’Sullivan is down! He’s down and the referee is stopping this bout! O’Sullivan didn’t go “out” per se but he clearly is out of it. Wow!

Roman ”Chocolatito” Gonzalez def. Moises Fuentes via KO at 1:44 of Round 5

Round 5: More of the same here to start, with Chocolatito landing a nice flurry and BOOM, a huge knockout punch! Fuentes is down and he’s not getting up! It was a short left hook followed by a big overhand right.

Round 4: Chocolatito is probably up three rounds here, but 2-1 at the worst. Fuentes throws some hard hooks coming out in the fourth, and lands a nice body shot. He also connects with a strong left hook. Problem is: between both of those good shots, he ate about six from Chocolatito. Right uppercut from Chocolatito with Fuentes up against the ropes. Overhand left from Chocolatito hits hard. Another round for him, though Fuentes looked better there than he did in the second and third.

Round 3: Chocolatito is rolling early here, getting Fuentes backing up with hard jabs and sneaky hooks. He puts together multiple one-two-three combinations, and decisively takes another round.

Round 2: Fuentes comes out more aggressive, winging a strong hook that Chocolatito barely gets out of the way of. Chocolatito comes back with a hard body shot, then a short left hook and Fuentes has a cut near his right eye. More hard shots from Chocolatito, who has Fuentes backing up. Strong body shot from Chocolatito, then a right to the body from Fuentes. Short left hook lands for Chocolatito again, and Fuentes is having trouble stringing shots together. Round ends — it should be Chocolatito’s.

Round 1: And we are underway! Chocolatito works some jabs early, and gets Fuentes up against the ropes, but they circle away. Fuentes, much taller hands some nice jabs of his own, but it’s a slow, fairly even round to start.

The rematch is finally here. Saul “Canelo” Alvarez and Gennady “GGG” Golovkin will face off on Saturday evening in a pay-per-view card for just about all the middleweight titles that matter. Their first outing was a controversial split draw, not because the fight wasn’t close, but because one judge, Adalaide Byrd, had a card that was vastly different from the other two judges.

Saturday’s card begins at 8 p.m. ET on HBO pay-per-view (live streaming via,RingTV). The first fight was close enough to warrant a draw, but the 118-110 card handed down by Byrd was widely criticized following the bout. We’ll have a live blog and highlights of the entire card, right here, beginning at 8 p.m.

Golovkin is regarded as the best pound-for-pound fighter in the world, but he needs a decisive win over Alvarez. They were originally scheduled for a rematch on May 5, but Alvarez was handed a six-month suspension for a positive drug test, which he blamed on tainted meat from Mexico.

The WBA (Super), WBC and IBO middleweight titles are currently held by a Golovkin and will be on the line, as well as the vacant The Ring Magazine middleweight strap. The IBF title was tripped from Golovkin due to him not facing the mandatory challenger, Sergiy Derevyanchenko.

Saturday’s card will also feature a WBO junior middleweight title contest between champion Jaime Munguia and Brandon Cook. The card will open with a bout between super flyweights Roman Gonzalez and Moises Fuentes, followed by a middleweight contest between David Lemieux and Gary O’Sullivan.

How to watch Canelo vs. GGG II

Time: 8 p.m. ET

Location: T-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas

TV: Pay-per-view (HBO)

Online Streaming:, RingTV

Canelo vs. GGG II fight card

Middleweight: Saul “Canelo” Alvarez def. Gennady “GGG” Golovkin via majority decision
Junior middleweight: Jaime Munguia def. Brandon Cook via TKO at 1:03 of Round 3
Middleweight: David Lemieux def. Gary O’Sullivan via KO at 2:44 of Round 1
Junior bantamweight: Roman ”Chocolatito” Gonzalez def. Moises Fuentes via KO at 1:44 of Round 5

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