Call out the Army to deal with rogue cops who are adding to the virus crisis


Adding to the plight of the many millions under coronavirus lockdown all over India – and the far worse plight of jobless migrant workers who are trudging to a home which in many cases is hundreds of kilometres away – are rogue policemen who are accosting and beating up people at random for breaking the ‘curfew’ announced by the Prime Minister.

In at least one case, a sanitation worker in Pune, whose job description came within the purview of the essential services that are exempt from the lockdown, died as a result of being beaten by lawless law enforcers.

There is a logjam of many thousands of trucks all over the country, with some fifteen thousand stuck at the Gurgaon-Delhi border, which have been abandoned by their drivers out of fear of over-zealous cops who can resort to brutal violence with little or no provocation. With the national transport industry brought to a virtual standstill, there is an acute shortage of essential supplies, including medicines, being felt in shops and stores across the country.

What is needed now is for the Army to be called out and get the stalled convoys of trucks moving while simultaneously keeping belligerent, undisciplined and uniformed policemen in check.

The Army is called out when the nation faces an emergency, which is exactly what we’re facing now.

DISCLAIMER : Views expressed above are the author’s own.


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